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How to draw white wizard from final fantasyI

Artist: swivilnutdoestransformice / June 2, 2014
How to draw white wizard from final fantasyI

Step 1.

First do the guidelines adjust brightness please because it's hard to see them.

Step 2.

Draw the hair. Lol

Step 3.

Draw the hair. Lol

Step 4.

Then draw da face.

Step 5.

Them draw the arm and hand.

Step 6.

Now draw the body and rest of the neck thing

Step 7.

Draw the other arm and don't forget the thumb

Step 8.

Draw the cape.

Step 9.

Then draw the little pattern on the bottom of the robe.

Step 10.

Then erase the guidelines and outline your art with black colored pencil to make it look professional. And now your done.

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Artist: swivilnutdoestransformice
Date Added: June 2, 2014
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Tags: how to draw
Description: I got board But it looks fun and I wanted to make a tut about it so try your best to figure out how to draw it lol