How to Draw Call of Duty Ghosts Logo

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The lining or pencil stroke that you will need to use should have a crippled look. The line to draw one side of the ghost or skull face should have a wiggle. Draw shape or emptiness for the eye and half of the nose shape.


You will now sketch out the right side of the face or head using the same crippled lined look or style. This part of the face is shorter then the left as you can see.


Fill in more of the area for your ghost from Call of Duty. Draw in another eye, then sketch in the lower portion of the face and as you can see the ends look like they are dripping. Erase the mistakes then you are done here.


And there you have it. A finished drawing of Call of Duty Ghosts logo. You can choose to add some color, or you can leave it as a black and white drawing.

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October 25, 2013

Description: I think I already said that I was going to be uploading a few requested lessons that folks have been asking for. For the third tut, here is "how to draw Call of Duty Ghosts log", step by step. This is probably one of coolest looking skull designs that I have seen in a while. The split or crack down the center of the skull automatically adds a story behind the ghost face. Drawing the Call of Duty Ghosts should be pretty simple so I'm confident that you will do an awesome job. I still have a couple more submissions coming your way so try and stay seated.

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