How To Draw Grell Sutcliff

Artist: VampireRose / June 6, 2014
How To Draw Grell Sutcliff

Step 1.

So first you want to draw... well this haha no this will be the layout of his face (chin and cheek bones).

Step 2.

Then make the rest of his face, hair, shoulders and hand. And outline your permanent lines with pen.

Step 3.

Then with Blush Pink make highlights:).

Step 4.

Then taking Poppy Red and shade in his hair and refine his highlights:).

Step 5.

Then taking Crimson Red and color in his glasses.

Step 6.

Now taking Light Peach shade lightly on his face.

Step 7.

Now using 20% French Grey shade anywhere that would naturally cast a shadow.

Step 8.

Now using 70% Warm Grey and shade in the shadow on his shirt and anywhere that would have a natural shadow.

Step 9.

Then taking Blush Pink again and color in his mouth, then make his pupils and a highlight on his eye:).

Step 10.

Then taking Olive Green and color in his eyes.

Step 11.

Then using Crimson Lake (wow that sounds inviting) make the stripes on his tie:).

Step 12.

Last but not least take Crimson Red and shade the shadows of his hair:) and you're done!!:D Anyway I hope you enjoyed this tut and I hope to have more out soon:) Xoxo, Killjoy

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mangamana · 3 years ago
yassssssss black butler! :bow:
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Description: Hey guys! It's Killjoy!! So today I have a how to draw Grell Sutcliff tut as requested by A_LOST_SOUL who is awesome! And stuffs so here is the requested tut!:D hope you all enjoy! Xoxo, Killjoy