How To Draw Musical Tribal Wolf


Okay, first we will start at the tip of the nose. We will go down to the ear, and add a little details in. If you look at the nose, you can make out the base clef along with two dots with it.


Let's continue towards the left side. In this step, we will draw the quarter note, and the fur-ish part next to it. Again,add some details.


We will start drawing the treble clef now. Add in the black spots inside the treble clef, and also add in the ends under the treble clef. (As your doing this, you have the option of coloring in the treble clef. I haven't done it yet because if I mess   


Let's go back up to the mouth. We will finish this off by going all the way down to the quarter note sticking up. Once again, add the details. We will color this in the next step. Also, please note that I didn't do every detail, as I didn't have room   


Last step! Now just color in like so, and your done! If you would like, color in the white with yellow, lime green, or a different neon color. I've done this with lime green and a neon-blue. For this tut, I won't color it in in.

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June 9, 2014

Description: Hey guys! This is my first tut! I hope you enjoy! I did this for a few reasons. One, I love the wolf. It's my spirit animal. Second, I love music. Most of my friends think of me as a song-bird because I'm always singing. I'm probably singing as you read this. Well, enjoy!

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