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How to Draw Lilacs

Artist: jellybean828 / July 19, 2014
How to Draw Lilacs

Step 1.

Start by drawing a long oval like this in the top left of your paper.

Step 2.

Now draw some leaves. These are just basic shapes, we'll be defining them a bit more later

Step 3.

Now draw another long oval.

Step 4.

And add some more leaves

Step 5.

Now we'll start to define the leaves.

Step 6.

And define some more...

Step 7.

...a few more.....

Step 8.

...and some more...

Step 9.

...OK, last two, I promise.

Step 10.

Next, draw the outer petals of the first bunch of lilacs. * Sorry it is turned the wrong way, my gallery was giving me a hard time.

Step 11.

And then draw all the petals, in pen if you wish

Step 12.

Now draw the outside of the second bunch.

Step 13.

And, as before, draw the rest of the petals.

Step 14.

Now draw the stem.

Step 15.

Then draw the veins in the leaves.

Step 16.

Now draw some more leaves in the background....

Step 17.

....and the veins in those.

Step 18.

And now you are ready to color. Above are the colors I used. For the leaves I colored everything but the spot where the light hit them a dark version of the green, then put a bit of black over it and blended. Then I colored the shadows even darker wi   

Step 19.

And here is your finished product.

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