How to Draw a Lupine Flower

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Start or begin by drawing the stem of the whole flower in one lining. Add the guides for the leaves that will be below the bloom.


Begin by drawing little kernel like pods for the actual flower blooms. Start with a few, but you will draw more as the lesson progresses.


Next, draw in more of the flower blooms or petals until they are clustered together like you see here. Notice that they are different in size and no one flower petal is the same size or shape.


To finish the flower or bloom, draw the tightly closed in cone or cola of the Lupine flower like so, then you can proceed to step five.


Lastly, draw in the size and shape of the stem that flows up through the flower and then draw the leaves. Erase your mistakes if you made any so you have a clean image to color in.


Here is the finished line art for your Lupine flower when you are all done. Now you can choose a shade to color in your Spring flower in with.

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April 21, 2015

Description: Now that it's Spring one of the flowers that will be in bloom soon is the pretty cone shaped flower you see before you now. Today, I will be showing you "how to draw a Lupine flower", step by step. You may recognize this flower when driving on the highway and along the side you see deep rich purple blooms mixed with pink, white and even mixed colors. They are everywhere up here in Maine, but I also know that they grow wold as well in other places. These are such pretty flowers and the reason why I wanted to draw a Lupine flower is because that is like one of the more recognized blooms in the Spring and Summer months. Well, I guess that's it. Have fun drawing this flower folks. Remember, you can draw a bundle or a bouquet of Lupines and color them in different shades.

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