How to Draw a Rose For Beginners

How to Draw a Rose For Beginners
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Draw a circle and then sketch in a guideline in the center.


Begin the drawing process by making the inner lining for your rose. This is the closed bud part of the flower.


Here you will draw in the ruffled petals like so that starts in the center of the bloom.


Add the ruffle edging on the other side of the rose. This sort of looks like a heart at this point.


Make another line from around the flower or rose on the right side. This will begin the formation of the blooming part of the flower. On the left, draw more ruffling.


Add ruffling to the right side of the bloom and then you can proceed to step seven.


Begin drawing the base of the rose and then add some detailing in the center of the flower.


You will now draw a series of thick petals around the whole rose. When this is done you are done. Erase your mistakes and guidelines.


Here is the line art for your rose folks. Now you can color it in and show people that you know how to draw roses.

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March 22, 2015

There is literally endless things I can make lessons on for beginning artists. When I was racking my brain I was trying to think of things that are popular with folks when they start their drawing journey for the first time. This tutorial is going to show you all how to draw a rose for beginners, step by step. This rose came out really pretty. I don't know if it's the ruffle along the edges of the inner petals or if it's the coloring job. Whatever it is I know you will enjoy drawing a rose for beginners. I will be back really soon so try and stay tuned in.

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