How to Draw Thorin Oakenshield in pencil

Artist: DuskEyes969 / February 26, 2014

Step 1.

Begin by making the shape of the head along with the guide lines for the eyes nose and mouth, also make a sort of outline for the hair and jacket, this is just for the placement on the character on paper. Continue by adding the details of the face, f   

Step 2.

Suggest a few locks of hair but don't pay much attention to them now. Also that little thing bellow his chin is a key, use a ruler to draw the lines .

Step 3.

Your sketch should looks something like this. If it does not then add the remaining details .

Step 4.

Now using a 2B pencil make a light layer over the face. Smudge it and the make a second, darker layer.

Step 5.

Draw the eyebrows using a very sharp 2B pencil. Draw the one on the right side a bit darker , since it's on the darker side of his face it should be that way. Then complete the eyes. This is really simple since you only have to shade around the lines   

Step 6.

Now starting from the dark eye, continue the shadow down his nose, but only the right half of it. Use the same 2B pencil as before. The, from the nose, continue shading his cheek.

Step 7.

From the cheek you left of before, shade the forehead. You only have to make it a bit darker since you already have a dark layer on it.

Step 8.

For the beard begin with some straight lines that show the direction in which the hair grows . Try not to make them too dark or too light. Thee come some additional darker lines , these indicate the darker parts of the beard .

Step 9.

Begin adding details using a sharp or mechanical 2B. Make short strokes . Working over the previous lines makes the job really easier , since you already have a pattern of the dark and lighter areas.

Step 10.

Now add a few highlights and make a shadows around his lips .

Step 11.

Moving on the the hair. The technique is just like the ones use for the beard, the only difference is the length of the pencil stroke. Again, begin with some medium dark strokes indicating the way the hair grows .Then make some darker ones over the s   

Step 12.

Give the hair details by using again a sharp or mechanical 2B pencil. Connect the dark areas with a lot of strokes , making a smooth transition between them. Start from the top and go down on whichever side you prefer, left or right.

Step 13.

Finnish off whichever side was left.

Step 14.

Shade his neck and ear and move on the the leather cloth he's wearing. Begin with a few tones on which you'll make the details.

Step 15.

For the key use basic shading . Add a first layer, smudge it, and the a secondary one with the details. Use a sharp pencil, you want to edges to be smooth.

Step 16.

Now the fur coat is a bit different since you can't tell the direction in which the hair grows ( or grew) but it give you the liberty to decide. I've made it chaotic . Begin with the same dark ares and connects them with swift slim strokes .

Step 17.

Finish the lovely fur coat.

Step 18.

The background was made using graphite powder and a piece of cloth to spread it firmly on the paper.

Step 19.

Finish off with some cracks if you want. I've also made some highlights on the hair and fur coat. You can do this with any eraser since the background is really easy to erase , leaving a clean white look.This last picture has been edited digitally to   

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello, today I have a tutorial on how to Draw Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit movie series .He is the leader of the dwarfs ,which Gandalf takes on a journey with the purpose of taking their home back from the dreadful Smaug. The action takes place before the events of Lord of the rings. If you haven't seen the movies you should try them, for those who have seen them I hope you enjoy this tutorial.