How to Draw a Crying Girl Tattoo

How to Draw a Crying Girl Tattoo
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You will be drawing a face being viewed on a side profile with the head tilted back. So, having said that, sketch out the outlined shape for the head/face, then draw the neck line guide.


Up next, begin sketching out the profile of her face, starting with the forehead, nose and upper lip.


You will then sketch out the form of the mouth (which is open), then sketch the contouring of her chin and jawline.


Here is where you will add the lips. They can be as full or as thin as you like them. Once that task is done, draw the cigarette, or leave it out. Add the nostrils and beauty mark then proceed to step five.


A crying girl doesn't weep with her eyes shut. Instead, her eye is slightly closed with the long thick lashes hanging over her bottom lid. Sketch in the crease that forms or shapes the closed eye, then draw the eyebrow.


You will now draw the rim of the helmet that she is wearing along with some of her wavy style hair. You can choose to give your crying girl straight, curly, long, or even a buzz cut if you like.


If you do decided to go with hair, sketch in more of her curly locks like so. They should be drawn in chunks instead of limp strands.


Carefully sketch out the lining of her neck which is stretched back as her face is raised. When that is done you can draw more of her hair to the opposite side of her face.


Simply add some detailing to her hairstyle in this step which is a small empty area within her hair.


Finish drawing the helmet which is a regular dome shape, then you can start the drawing process for her rose. Once that rose is all drawn in, you can sketch out the stem and all the small leaves that fills the vine.


Draw in or write the words "To live is to die". You can write these words in a razor like carving style, or you can leave the phrase out all together.


And lastly, sketch out the shoulder, some detailing on her chest, and then the vine wrapped around her neck followed by the small leaves. Erase whatever mistakes you made along with the guidelines and shapes.


Here it is, your finished drawing for a crying girl. Go ahead and add some color to the drawing to complete the whole thing.

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February 19, 2014

Here is one of my favorite drawings that I made yesterday along with a couple others that are very cool indeed. At first I was going to call this lesson a soldier tattoo, but then I got to thinking, it doesn't really look like a tattoo a solider would wear. Having said that, I went ahead and named this drawing lesson "<em>how to draw a crying girl tattoo</em>", step by step. As you can see this girl or woman is crying for her love, crying for her pain, and crying for her loneliness and desires. She has a cigarette in her mouth along with a soldiers helmet. There is also a rose on the side of the helmet with a vine like stem that flows across the base of her neck. The tear runs down her face as she tilts her head back. This crying girl displays a heartache and sorrow that only a military wife or girlfriend can understand. I'm really proud of this concept, and I hope a lot of you are prepared to follow this lesson on drawing a crying girl. Adios folks and have fun with this tut.

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