How to draw a chibi couple

Artist: WonderWoman31 / April 23, 2014

Step 1.

First start drawing their heads and sorry this turned out upside down

Step 2.

Start drawing their hair and their faces the girls eyes are closed and the boys open just regular plain old circles

Step 3.

Sorry these are turning out upside down but anyways start drawing their shirts make their hands as if they were holding something

Step 4.

Draw their pants

Step 5.

Draw their shoes the girl has sandals so just make round feet and make a line through the middle

Step 6.

Draw them holding hands you don't have to draw the guys knuckles or the girls hand just make the guys hand a square with round tips

Step 7.

Add the little heart above their heads

Step 8.

You will need a thin sharpie a semi thick pink blue green black and whatever color you want their hair to be I chose brown because of my hair and my crushes hair which we both have brown hair. You can make it any color you want you can also make thei   

Step 9.

Outline them

Step 10.

Color them however you want to you now have your cute chibi couple sorry that they turned out upside down comment if you want me to make one right side up

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Artist: WonderWoman31
Date Added: April 23, 2014
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Description: This is how to draw a cute and easy chibi couple. This is my first tutorial ever so please don't hate on me. This is for all the fans of my art!