How to Draw Tribal Marilyn Monroe

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Let's begin by drawing the outline for Marilyn's head/face like so. Sketch in the guidelines as well.


Next, sketch out the shape of Marilyn's face, and be sure to include that small space on her cheek.


Now we can draw in the jagged lined shapes to form the eyebrows, eyes, nose and her mouth or lips. Add her famous beauty mark as well.


Next up, draw in some of the small shapes to form the hair that will frame her face. These are small areas of rough looking shapes.


Next and lastly, draw the rest of her hair, then draw in the shape of her neck and collar line. Take your time with this step because it all depends on how you tackle this step to bring the vision of Marilyn Monroe to life in tribal form. Erase the g   


Once you color in the blackened areas, your drawing should look like the one you see here. I hope you all enjoyed drawing a tribal version of Marilyn Monroe.

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March 28, 2014

Description: There are only two tribal celebrities that I will be uploading today and they will be on two figures that both lived short lives but also changed or made an impression for history to remember. Here is "how to draw tribal Marilyn Monroe", step by step. I absolutely love how this drawing came out. There is nothing I would change about the concept except coloring her lips a deep red instead of black like you see here. There is so many ways to transform your favorite stars into tribal form, bit this is the easiest way because you are only dealing with simple random shapes. A lot of the drawing is also brought together by the shading. Have fun folks, and stick around to see what pops up next.

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