How to Draw Hot dog Princess, Adventure Time

Artist: hettie02 / May 19, 2013

Step 1.

1. First you need to draw the light outlines for the face, body and the ears. This will make it easier to draw her face shape later on.

Step 2.

2.Next draw her body shape go around the two front circles along the straight lines and around the back circle. However make sure you draw two of her small legs just after her ear and just before the end of her body

Step 3.

3. Next draw her, face as 3 semi-circles and a small up-side down triangle for her nose. Also draw her cloud-like tail and her small crown on the top of her head just after her head starts to curve with her small oval gem under the centre spike. You    

Step 4.

4.Nearly there, next finish by drawing her fluffy ears with the last guideline circle that you drew at the start of the tutorial.

Step 5.

5.Finally rub out the starting guidelines and you are left with the cute Hot dog Prinvess from Adventure Time. I hope you enjoyed drawing her and I hope yours turned out great. Please leave some comments below if you want I will be happy to find out    

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Artist: hettie02
Date Added: May 19, 2013
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Description: Hot dog Princess is a fairly simple design with her cute ears and little legs is a fun and easy design to draw and symbolise your love for the amazing adventure time series.