How to Draw a Rottweiler For Kids

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Start with two shapes, one for the head, and another for the body. Sketch out the one facial guideline.


Next, draw out the actual head for your rottweiler which be blocky. As you know these dogs have long hanging ears. Draw in the ears, then sketch out the snout or muzzle.


The next thing you will need to do is draw out the bottom part of the dog's face which is the chin and jaw. Draw the nose as well as the marking line that starts at the nose, and trails along the cheeks. Color in the eyes, then draw the brow markings   


Now that the head and face is all drawn out, you can begin drawing out the neck, chest and front legs.


Finish most of the dogs body by drawing the back, hind leg, and the cropped tail. Also draw the belly too.


To finish off your rottweiler all you have to do is draw the other hind leg, then add the toe lines and a small clef mark on the chest for muscle definition. Erase your mistakes then you're done.


Here is your new drawing of the beautiful rottweiler. Now all you have to do is color him in.

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September 27, 2012

Description: Hey guys! I'm back with another drawing tutorial for kids, and this is going to be based on one of the more popular dog breeds. I'm quite pleased with the style of this Rottweiler, and I plan to draw in this specific style more often for the future 'for kids tuts'. Hopefully, this tutorial on "how to draw a Rottweiler for kids", step by step will be pretty easy for your kids! Parents should find this lesson easy as well as entertaining for your children. I had so much fun working on this. The background was taken from the Wikia of Adventure Time, I do not take any credit for the background. Anyways, thanks so much for viewing and I hope you'll look forward to the upcoming anime tuts ;)

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