Cartoon dog

Artist: Sassimus / February 4, 2013

Step 1.

Start with a cirkle to the head and a pear-shaped body.

Step 2.

Now draw to cirkles to paws and a muzzle and an ear.

Step 3.

Add a snout another cirkle near the muzzle and add the leggs og half one of the cirkles under the body.

Step 4.

Add details like eyes, pads, another arm and so on.

Step 5.

Erase all the helplines to help youself.

Step 6.

Add the last details around the body of the dog, and then its finished.

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Artist: Sassimus
Date Added: February 4, 2013
Steps: 6
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Tags: how to draw dogs, drawing easy, draw dog, draw cartoon dog
Description: An easy way to draw a cute little dog in 6 steps.