How to Draw a Bull Terrier

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We will draw a bull terrier from the side so get started by sketching out the egg head as well as the thick neck. Draw the body and attach the neck to the body.


Begin sketching out the actual shape of the dog's head and snout followed by the sharp pointed ears. Add the spot at the tip of the mouth, then proceed to step three.


Color in triangles inside the ears like so, then draw out the large circle around the entire eye shapes. Draw the nose tip as well as add the detailing where needed.


Sketch out the front part of the neck, then draw the chest and front legs. The ends of the legs should end with squared off paws.


Here you will be done with drawing the bull terriers body. Draw in the back part of the neck, as well as the back, back end, then the hind legs. Draw the small curled tail, then proceed to step six.


All you need to do here is erase the mistakes, then draw in Spikes collar.


Here is the bull terrier that you drew when you're complete. Color in the dog, and that's it.

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February 6, 2013

Description: Remember that show The Little Rascal's? Well in the show there was a dog that everyone adored. His name was Spike, but he wasn't a Bull terrier. Instead he was an American Bulldog. The dog in the lesson is that of a bull terrier and this breed of dog was the mascot of a beer campaign for Budweiser. His name was Spud Mckenzie. Bull terriers are very distinctive looking because of their oblong shaped snouts and small stubby bodies that have a muscle to them. Drawing this bull terrier is going to be so fun because he is so darn cute. I love the ring around the eye, as well as the red collar and pretty background. Have fun drawing a bull terrier folks, and if you like drawing dogs, you should stick around because there is more to come. Adios mi amigos!

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