How to Draw Henna

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This is going to be a very simple design pattern to draw, Start by sketching out the shape of a dripping water or tear drop, and then add an inner shape of the same form inside. Next draw a vertical line in the inside as well. The tip of the outer ri   


You will now start sketching out the bursting design on the inside of the mid section like you see here and then thicken the lining on the inside of the burst.


Now you are ready to draw or thicken the outline of the actual design, and then draw two more inner lines inside of the tear drop shape. That is all you have to do.


Add one more outline that will wrap around the burst design, and then you will need to draw a bunch of dots. Each one should be uniform and somewhat or in line with each other.


Draw dots on the outside of the entire shape, and then color in the inside hollow piece after you have draw a thicker border with added dashes, and a tribal like swirl design on the center of the pattern. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you    


When all is said and done, your henna tattoo should come out looking like the one you see here. Now you are ready for an inking session. Great work guys, I had lots of fun.

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March 11, 2010

Description: Well, out of all the tattoo designs I have submitted so far here on Dragoart, there is one particular pattern that is missing from the tattoo section. This time, the design I am about to submit for you all is only worn by females. I will show you "how to draw henna", step by step. For you ladies out there, you might already know what this type of inking is. But for those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, let me give you some 411. First off, henna is the name of a plant that grows in subtropical areas like Africa, Southern Asia, and other hot semi-arid weather zones. The plant produces dye which then gets extracted and turned into a powdery substance. Places like India, Pakistan, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Iran, and other places, cultivate the henna plant for resale. Out of all the places I just listed, what country do you think produces more henna? If you guessed India, you're right. A place called Rajasthan located in India, is where you will find an abundant supply of henna because there is over one hundred henna suppliers operating in Sojat City. As for the tattoo, well that's easy. If you where to take a henna leaf and break it apart and rub it on your skin, there will be no stain left behind. The staining of a henna tattoo only takes place when applied properly. First you have to take the henna powder and mix it with an acidic liquid like lemon juice, and turn it into a thick matter that has the consistency of toothpaste. Once that is done you have to let the paste sit for at least seven to twelve hours before it can be used as a tattooing agent. The sitting process is so that the lawsome from the leaf powder is released. After all is said and done, your body is ready to be inked with henna paste. Once applied, you have to let the design pattern sit and dry. Once the substance is dried, all you have to do is brush off, or scrap away the flaky residue. Now you have a wonderful henna tattoo that will last anywhere from one to four weeks. This pattern that you will learn how to draw is one that is commonly seen incorporated with a henna design. Females will often get their hands, and feet inked, as well as the face, and arms. I hope you like this tutorial on "how to draw henna". As you already know I shall return with some more drawing fun. Adios amigos!

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