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How to Draw Death

Artist: Dawn / July 11, 2010
How to Draw Death

Step 1.

First, start off by drawing the simple guidelines to the reaper. This is very achievable by drawing the head guideline first and then the body guidelines.

Step 2.

In this step, you will have to draw the hood of this creepy grim reaper. When you draw a grim reaper, you'll need to try different types of hoods. In this one, I added torn and old ridges to give the essence of "death".

Step 3.

Next, draw the clothing details. It's important to start from top to bottom so you're less vulnerable to mistakes.

Step 4.

Then, you will draw the beginning stages of the wing. Once you get the first wing drawn down, the second wing will be much easier to draw. Be sure to be precise when you draw the withered and tapered edges of the cloak.

Step 5.

Then, finish off the cloak by drawing the hem. I really enjoyed drawing the effect of this part because of the precise little folds and wrinkles in the cloak. Start drawing the Scythe and the other wing. Once you've completed this, move onwards.

Step 6.

Finish of the hood by adding the small wrinkles and the shadows that embark this creature's dark presence. I recommend sketching from dark to light as you move closer to the edge of the cloak.

Step 7.

It's time to start revising your work! Be sure to check any mishaps that you've encountered. Review parts that were hard for you to draw and make sure they look well drawn. Once you've revised, erase any indication of guidelines to complete the polis   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 11, 2010
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Tags: how to draw a tattoo, draw tattoos, draw death, draw a grim reaper, draw grim reaper
Description: Hi guys, today I have a special treat for you all that took me many hours to draw and turn into a lesson. Today, I will be showing you how to draw death, in the form of, what else?, the Grim Reaper. The reason for my decision to do a lesson on death, is because I watched a movie called โ€œLegionโ€, which was sort of disturbing, and realistic at the same time. Now, in the movie, there was an angel named Michael, and he rebelled against the war between heaven and earth. God called a war on all mankind, and because of this, angels came down from the heavens and possessed the bodies of regular people that where weak willed in nature. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the whole flick because I was distracted by a bunch of nonsense that was going on in my house. But, needless to say, I will be watching the rest of the movie full force today. Death is a character that I made up, and he is supposed to be the one being that collects life from those who are due to die. I was inspired to use the image of a grim reaper because my mother said that a reaper kneeling with his scythe resting on his shoulder as his hand disengages from the soul that he is taking would make a powerful picture. I tried to envision what she tried to explained to me, and I also searched the net to get some inspiring ideas. The sketch took me around an hour, and drawing it out took another two hours. I love the way the final line art came out looking, and I can almost guarantee that you guys will love this drawing lesson, and to keep it easy to find, I placed it in the tattoo section of Dragoart because I know a lot of members, and visitors spend a lot of time in this section. Anyway, I guess that does it for me, or at least for this tutorial. I will be back with more drawing fun in a few so try and stay tuned in to see what else I have in store. Peace out people, and have an exciting, and fun drawing day.