How to Draw Riddler

Artist: Dawn / March 11, 2010

Step 1.

As you can see just by looking at the this first step, this tutorial should be pretty easy to draw. Start with a circle for his head, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the rounded diamond shape for his torso, and then draw anothe   

Step 2.

You can start sketching out the bony shape of his face and be sure to incorporate the ear. Once that is done, draw the lining for his domino mask and then draw the beginning of his broad shoulders.

Step 3.

Continue to sketch out the domino mask until it is complete, and then add the eye holes. Once done, you can add detailing to the ear, and then draw his bowling hat completely. Add the nose, and conniving smirk, and then draw the right arm, and hand w   

Step 4.

Draw the left arm and hand, and then draw in the question mark tipped staff as you see here. Lastly for this step all you have to do is draw the large question mark on his torso as you see here, and then add definition detail to his torso.

Step 5.

You are one step away from being completely finished with this tutorial on The Riddler. All you need to do is draw his upper thighs, and then move to the last drawing step.

Step 6.

See, didn't I tell you that this was going to be an easy tutorial? All you need to do now to finish off your DC Comic book character is finish drawing the legs, and then draw his feet the way you see them here. You are now ready to start erasing all    

Step 7.

Now that you're done, your drawing should look like the one you see here. Color him in and you have yourself a finished sketch of The Riddler. I hope you had fun with this tutorial. AS you know whenever you finish a drawing, you have to color it in.    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 11, 2010
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Description: It's true that Jim Carrey played many roles, and some of those didn't fit his personality or what he is known for. There is one character that he played well, and it's probably due to the fact that he is naturally a jokester already. In the movie “Batman Returns”, Carrey played a villain called “The Riddler”. Now DC Comics is known for their unique characters that are darker then the ones from Marvel Comics, which is in a sense more interesting. But make no mistake about it, Both DC and Marvel are two very popular character builders, and all of the older heroes and villains are truly the best of their kind. Today I'm going to submit a lesson that will show you "how to draw Riddler", step by step. The Riddler was one of my favorite characters to watch in the cartoon series because it seemed he never took anything seriously. His real name is “Edward E. Nigma”, and he is one of Batman's enemies. He made his first villainous debut in “Detective Comics #140” in December 1948. What set this character aside from the rest was his sense of style. Over the years the Riddler was drawn wearing different types of suits, outfits, and one piece uniforms. But out of all those changes one thing always remained the same, his purple domino mask, and the big green question mark that was always located somewhere on his attire. The question mark represented the punctuation that he used at the end of every riddle that he sent out, and it was always often displayed scattered on his suits no matter if was a skintight catsuit, or hidden under his green colored business suit. He sometimes was seen with his question mark tipped staff. The concept of his name is due to the fact that he is completely obsessed with riddles, puzzles, word games, and other puzzling concepts. Because of this, Riddler sends the Gotham police department, Batman, and other officials complex clues to crimes he is about to commit, or going to commit. Over the years as character writing progressed, Riddler has become a more darker, three dimensional character, then he ever was before. In the beginning, he was a bit playful which was due to the fact that he still maintained his sanity. Nowadays, he is just a straight lunatic. I think the creators Bill Finger, and Dick Sprang, did a wonderful job with the character design. I drew the Riddler dressed in an all green skin-tight catsuit and his signature green and purple colored bowling hat. He is fairly easy to replicate, and I am completely confident that you will learn "how to draw Riddler" with ease. I shall return my friends with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what pops up next. Peace all and happy drawing!