How to Draw a Dolphin Tattoo

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Very easy tutorial you're about to tackle. Start by drawing the shape of a rock, and then draw an outline of a lemon slice that is attached to the previous shape you drew.


You will now begin sketching out the shape of the dolphins body starting with the head, nose, and simple looking fin. Notice the notch I drew in the forehead like all dolphins have.


Finish sketching out the rest of the dolphin's body, and then the dorsal fins, and tail fin. Add some detailing to the back end of the sea animals body as well.


Now before you start following this step to draw the flower, it is time to decide if this is the type of floral design you would like for your tattoo. If it is then begin draw each individual flower pedal that looks like sun rays. If not, choose a fl   


Now you can draw some pretty looking swirl and tentacle shapes that you see here which should actually act like the step of the flower. Take your time to ensure you have a neat arrangement.


You will now start adding the dimple lines in each visible pedal that's in your drawing. Once that is done draw some stamens that stick up from plants like lilies. Draw an eye on your dolphin, and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that   


Here is what the end result looks like when you are done. Color in the drawing, or tale the finished sketch to your local tattoo parlor for your inking session. Great work, and look how beautiful your drawing came out!

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March 5, 2010

Description: I will go on another tattoo art binge today because yesterday and the day before I drew a few different tattoo concepts. I will start with this first one on “how to draw a dolphin tattoo”. The dolphin is probably one of the more popular animals to get inked on your skin especially if you're from somewhere tropical, and you're a woman. Dolphins are one of the smartest mammals swimming in the ocean today, and they are even friendly to humans they never even met before. I love the way this tattoo design came out. I drew it because it was requested by one of my cousins who was looking for a nice dolphin design that she could take to the tattoo parlor. She told me she went to two different parlors and didn't see anything she liked. Not only that but, I was also told that the design should be original so that the chances of somebody else having the same tattoo, are fairly low. That's another thing I wanted to talk to all you tattoo enthusiasts about. If you want to ensure that your design is original, your best bet is to have somebody draw what you're looking for from scratch, or order a design that you can print out online from a tattoo online store. Or you can just print out the finished line art from any tutorial you see here. Either way I'm sure whatever you choose will work out fine. I have to bounce out of here for now, so enjoy yourself as you learn "how to draw a dolphin tattoo", step by step. Remember to be creative and add your own personal touches to customize the design to your liking. Now I'm now gonna make like a tree and leave. Peace!

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