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How to Draw a Reaper

Artist: Dawn / October 7, 2010
How to Draw a Reaper

Step 1.

To achieve an accurate reaper drawing, you'll want to focus on the full figure as a whole piece. Is your reaper going to be skinny, fat, less revealing, or maybe even muscular? Think of you reaper as a project, and only add traits where you think it    

Step 2.

Next, let's now move onto drawing basic features for this reaper. Begin by drawing the formation of the skull. The skull part of a grim reaper, is very important to design. Whether your reaper has missing teeth, or even an eye patch; design the skull   

Step 3.

Then, work your way drawing the hood and arms for the reaper. Take your time in doing so as your more prone to falling into mistakes in this stage. Finish off the skull by adding eyes, and a tongue. You can modify it to something more suitable to you   

Step 4.

Next, let's start designing the scythe. In this stage, you can decide the design for your own scythe that will suit your character pleasing. I would suggest to quickly sketch the curve of the weapon in order to avoid 'bumps and swerves' in the lines.   

Step 5.

Lastly, finish off by drawing an overlapping hand gripping onto the scythe. Don't forget to draw the underside of the weapon as well.

Step 6.

Finally! Here is the outcome of your drawing. See how time and practice can yield pieces of art? This was a more simplified drawing of a reaper, so some of you novice artists can get a grip on the concept. Line weight plays a huge role for the overal   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 7, 2010
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Tags: how to draw a tattoo, draw tattoos, draw death, draw a grim reaper, draw grim reaper, how to draw reapers
Description: Hey guys, I'm here with another helpful lesson that will bring you on a journey to learn β€œhow to draw a reaper, step by step”. This guy was drawn entirely during today's LiveStream broadcast as of October 7th, 2010. I really enjoyed drawing the skinny body and creepy skull head. The scythe was a fun part to design as well. It was one of my favorite Livestreams I've had in a while, thank you all for joining! In this tutorial, I show you a few tips and techniques on drawing a reaper, or other known as β€œgrim reaper”. This lesson can be fun, but it can also be a bit difficult to master when drawing tall, skinny figures made of bones. The anatomy of this creature is pretty straightforward. The super thin lower body and large scythe give this appearance of a sneaky, cruel character. It also builds a sense of a cartoon style mixed in with horror. Originally, the reaper was suppose to be a full figured body, and wispy clothing. I decided to change the appearance and say 'why not make it thinner?', after all, a very thin – almost anorexic character does symbolize death. When creating art, you don't want to deliver a random emotion, you want to add emotions and symbolism that make the art more interesting and memorable. It's very similar to music and other forms of art. You want to give your viewers a smack to the emotions, so you can create a true piece of art. Bleh, I'm not going to keep babbling about random stuff. Let's move onto learning β€œhow to draw the reaper”. Keep in mind to use the right colors to create a deathly mood. I recommend using blues and greens, since they yield a very depressing mood (green and blue are cool colors, therefore 'cold'). I hope you enjoy folks!