How to Draw Chibi Cell

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Make a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the face. Next, draw out the oblong shape of chibi Cell's body, and then move to step two.


You will now sketch out the top portion of chibi Cell's face which starts in the lower mid section of his face. The two pointed mounds look like German Shepherd ears so this should be relatively easy to make.


Add some detailing lining on the top half of chibi Cell's head which looks nothing more than a large V. Once that is done, sketch out the shape of his chibi face, and then draw in the eyes. Draw the shape of the torso and be sure to draw in the folde   


Draw more lines out on the face for added detailing. When that is done, draw in the eyeballs, and color in the pupils. Draw in some ear shapes on the sides of the head, and then draw out more of his body.


Now it's time to draw out the body in further detail. This consists of the legs, and small chibi feet. Add the detailing lines on the belly, and then draw in the mouth. Since you will be adding the speckles all over his body in the next step, you wil   


Now you can sketch out and color in the speckles that are randomly scattered on Chibi Cell's body like so. If there is some mistakes that you notice, now is the time to correct them because there is nothing else for you to do here.


Here is what he looks like when all is said and done. Now you can color him in, and be on your way to the next lesson you want to tackle. I do hope you enjoyed learning how to draw chibi Cell.

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November 15, 2010

Description: When have you ever thought that you would see a drawing on a chibi version of a popular Dragonball Z character that we know as Cell? Well today is the day that I will be giving you all a lesson that will teach you "how to draw chibi Cell", step by step. I absolutely love the way that he came out because he still looks like the very intimidating figure that we know, love, and even hate. Cell is a very important figure in the DB series. Now that the new DragonBall Z Kai is airing on Nicktoons, we fans can enjoy more and more of DBZ which is pretty sweet. I honestly had so much fun drawing this chibi version of Cell and as I was sketching him out yesterday, I kept coming out with more and more ideas on different chibi characters to draw in chibi form. I have so many new surprises up my sleeve that will be hitting the front page of Dragoart during this whole week. I am going to submit some real cool chibi figures that I know will be a smash hit. Cell is by far one of the smartest figures that I turned into a cute, adorable chibi. One of the great things about drawing chibi style, is the fact you can brain storm on how your character should look, and what characteristics they should have drawn in. I know a lot of members here are fans of DBZ, and that is why I am confident that you will enjoy learning "how to draw chibi Cell". If you can think of a character, any character from a movie, cartoon, or even a singer that would look cool as a chibi, just let me know and I will surely submit a tutorial on them in their new form. I guess that does it for this lesson's description, I will be back in a few with more exciting works of art for you to learn from. Peace people, and have fun with your drawing day!

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