How to Draw Hangman

Artist: Dawn / February 11, 2014

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head, then proceed to step two.

Step 2.

You will now draw the X's on each eye and make sure that they are drawn in a thick grungy style.

Step 3.

You will now draw the rope around the base of the head shape, then draw a piece above the head. Sketch in the small dashes that details the rope.

Step 4.

You will now draw the thick chunky looking arms, then draw the belly button which is a simple swirl.

Step 5.

Draw the legs, stomach and then make sure you round off the feet or ends of the legs. One leg is higher then the other.

Step 6.

Draw the broken heart, and then color in the two halves solid. Erase your mistakes then you're done.

Step 7.

Here is the line art and as you can see the Hangman is ready to color in. Thanks a lot folks and be sure to show off your work.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 11, 2014
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Description: So here is something that's a little different. It's a lesson that is sort of geared towards all you emo/goth folks that like buying clothes from Hot Topic, and Spencers. Here is my take on "how to draw Hangman", step by step. I wanted to use a concept that was easy enough for everyone to tackle while being creative at the same time. The rope around Hangman's neck is not all gory like some would expect. Instead of eyes I made X's and you can also see that I've included a broken heart to show that this fella is no longer able to love. I think you will enjoy drawing Hangman in a modern manner. You can add the wood structure if you like, or follow the lesson as you see it here.