How to draw chibi Batman


Start by drawing a half circle type shape for the head, and a rectangle shape for the body.


Add triangles for the ears, and make the feet have a more square shape, also adding the space between the legs.


Add the space where the mouth shows out of the mask, sort of a curved 'm' shape. Also draw the wings or arms by making a curved triangle shape, sort of like a shark's fin.


Next, add an oval on the chest for the bat symbol, and a belt above the legs with two long skinny ovals for belt loops.


Inside the oval, add a small bat symbol. On the wings, add a line to distinguish the front of the cape from the inside of the cape. On the inside of the cape, add a thicker line near the bottom.


Next, add two half circles pointing downwards for the eyes, and two arrow type shapes pointing upwards for the shoes or feet.


Erase all the extra or unneeded pencil markings and outline it in pen or a darker marker if you choose. Awesome, you're done! Now the only thing left to do is color it in!

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November 2, 2013

Description: How to draw cute chibi Batman superhero!

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