How To Draw a Cartoon Raccoon


First, sketch the basic head and body shapes. The two long lines on the head help you to place the facial features. On cute characters, the horizontal line should be placed low, leaving plenty of room for a large forehead. Attach a chubby body (no ne   


Add two short tubes for the arms, and draw small circles which will act as guides for the hands. Then, draw another two tubes for the legs, along with some cute, chubby feet for an added effect.


Now for the hands and feet. For cute hands, the fingers should be short and stubby.(This might take a bit of practice!) The feet are a lot easier to do- just add two lines on each foot to make the toes!


Now for the head and face. The eyes are shaped a bit like mangled ovals with big, round pupils inside- don't forget a pair of thin eyebrows. On cute characters, the nose and mouth should be small compared to the rest of the face. For the ears, just    


Draw small tufts of fur on the cheeks to make your raccoon extra fluffy, and some fluffy hair on the top of the head, too. Don't forget the insides of the ears! Now is a good time to add the bushy tail, which begins with a thin base, thickens in the   


Almost done! Draw in the markings on the ears, hands, feet and belly. Don't forget the raccoon's iconic face mask and ringed tail.


Final step! Darken the final lines and erase any guidelines you don't need. You may now colour in your furry friend any way you wish!

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August 10, 2014

Description: Here's how to draw a really cute cartoon raccoon!

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