How to Draw Guido


Start drawing Guido by making a lump like shape and then draw in a horizontal line three fourths of the way down the shape.


Sketch out the shape of Guido's body, and then make sure that you add a heel like arch to the back end.


Draw the lining on the top half of the forklift body which also acts as his hat. When that is done, draw out the shape of the long windshield, and then draw out the mouth. Draw out the lid for his eye.


Make the framing around the windshield and then draw in Guido's friendly eyes. Next draw the headphones and the padding on them as well. Draw his teeth, and tongue too.


Draw the top of Guido's headset, and then move to step six.


Next, carefully draw out Guido's forklift like so, and then move to step seven where you will finish him off.


Lastly, draw in the front fender and then draw all the visible wheels as shown. Once that is done make the outlines for the rims, and then erase the shapes and line that you drew in step one.



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March 11, 2011

Description: Everyone loves little Guido from Cars and I don't know what it is about him, he is just so incredibly cute. I never thought a cartoon or animated car could be cute, but they can. This tutorial is the second character creation from the new and old Cars from Disney. I'm going to show you "how to draw Guido", step by step and hopefully you find this lesson helpful and fun. As I mentioned in Luigi's lesson description, Guido is a forklift that seems really small in size. He works for Luigi at Casa Della Tires in Radiator Springs and has been for a long while now. He's not only an employee of Luigi, he is also his best friend. Unlike his best buddy, Guido can only speak and understand one language, and that's Italian. I know it looks like he can understand what English speaking cars are saying, and maybe he does but the fact is I have only heard Luigi say two words in English “peet stop” which is pit stop. His dream of performing a real pit stop for a real race car comes true when Lightning McQueen races for the Piston Cup in part one. In the movie, Guido changed all four of McQueen’s tires in only four seconds. That's the fastest any pit stop crew has ever changed a tire during the Piston Cup race. Anyways, that's all I have to say about this little fella, it's time now that I shut up and let you tackle this tutorial on "how to draw Guido", step by step. He is one Cars character that doesn't go unnoticed because he is too cute to be unrecognized. Adios mi amigos, I shall return later.

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