How to Draw Luigi from Cars


Now is the time that you will draw out a mound like shape for the structure of Luigi. Once the shape is made, draw a line to the side of the shape to make it two dimensional.


Next, draw the windshield for the framing of Luigi's face and eyes that you will draw in step three. When that is done, make the lid lines on top of the windshield.


Here all you have to do is draw in the eyeballs and then the pupils. Once that is done draw the lower lids to make a nice innocent or friendly expression on his face.


Luigi wears some sort of headset that looks a lot like headphones. What you will do now is draw those headphones in and then draw the lining on the hood.


Continue to draw out the body shape of Luigi's framing, and don't forget to draw in the wheel wells, and front bumper. Make all the lining to add definition and detail to the body of Luigi and then move to step six.


Draw in the headlights and then the emblem which looks very much like a mustache. Next, draw the grill, and then draw the lining to form the door, and front of the vehicle's design.


Finally all you need to do now is draw out all three visible tires as well as the hubcaps or rims. Add some detailing, and then begin erasing the lines and shapes you drew in step one.



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March 11, 2011

Description: There is two more characters from Cars going up today and I think you might enjoy these lessons. They are both from Lightning McQueen's pit crew and they are both from Radiator Springs. I fell in love with these characters when I seen the first Disney Cars, and maybe you will love them too. To start, I will be showing you "how to draw Luigi from Cars", step by step. Luigi is one of the small vehicles that lives in Radiator Springs. He owns a tire shop called “Casa Della Tires”. He has a tire depiction that is supposed to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but he calls it the 'Leaning Tower of Tires'. He and his forklift truck Guido run the tire shop together and one of the things I love about Luigi is how much he's into the Scuderia Ferrari. Luigi himself is a 1959 Fiat 500 manufactured in Italy. One of my favorite parts to the movie is when a bunch of Italian sports cars go into Luigi's tire shop to be fitted for some new tires, and he and Guido freeze up and collapse to the floor. I had a lot of fun making this tutorial because I have always been a fan of Disney Cars. Learning "how to draw Luigi from Cars" is going to be both fun and exciting. I hope you enjoy the rest of your drawing day, and be sure to come back later to look at more tutorials for your fulfillment.

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