How to Draw a Ferrari for Kids

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The only thing you have to do with the first step is draw an egg shape for the body or guide shape for the Ferrari you are about to draw.


Okay, now using the shape you just drew in step one, begin drawing out the outline or shell of the Ferrari like so. Be sure to include the two wheel wells like so and add a slight arch in the back fender.


Here is where you will be drawing in the front fender shape, and then draw in the rectangular headlights. Make more design style lines for the front fiberglass bumper, and then draw in the front grill which is located lower to the cars design.


Okay guys, let's get the windshield drawn in as well as the car door window. Once that is done draw the framing on the roof which extends to the drivers side door window frame, and then draw in both side mirrors.


And finally, draw both the front and back tires as well as draw in the nice factory style rims. Clean up the drawing freeing it from mistakes and guides.


Here is the line are when you are all done. The only thing left to do is to figure out what color to make your new Ferrari. Thanks for joining me with another for kids based tutorial.

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December 2, 2011

Description: So I showed you guys the secrets to drawing a Lamborghini for kids, and now it's time that I show you "how to draw a Ferrari for kids", step by step. These sports cars are envied by millions of people along with the Porsche, Corvette, and other cars that are labeled 'too fast to handle'. In my opinion the Lamborghini for kids came out a whole lot better, and I think it's because the body of the vehicle is less rounded or bubbly. Still, this should be an awesome tut to follow because it will after all teach you how drawing a Ferrari can not only be easy and cute, but fast looking and ready to rev. The rims came out pretty cool and so did the bubble style fenders. The choice to color the car red was without a doubt my sister's idea, but at least it's a better color than lime green which she originally wanted. Anyways, I guess that's about it, I will return soon with more drawing fun. This time at least you guys will have some fun stuff to tackle by the time you get home from school. Peace people!

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