How to Draw Holley Shiftwell


Start with a shape for the top half of Holley's car, and then draw in a horizontal guideline.


Here you will begin sketching out the entire outline of the car and if you notice Holley is almost the same shape as Sally. Don't forget to draw in the wheel wells.


You will now draw out the two mirror like objects on each side of Holley's fenders, and when that is done draw in her mouth, and make some lip dents as well.


Okay, lets get her headlights drawn in as well as her upper blinker lights. That's pretty much it for this step.


As you can see you are almost done with this tutorial. All you have to do now, is draw out the windshield, and some of the detailing and definition on the passenger side. Next, add some roundness to the left fender, and then draw a window for the doo   


You are already almost done with this tutorial. As you can see all you need to do is draw in the eyelids, and then draw out the eyes and color in some pupils.


Now it's time to draw out Holley's tires and unlike Sally, you can actually see her right front wheel. Once the tires are all drawn in, move to the next step to see what's next.


Lets finish her off. You can do that just by drawing in her rims, and lug nuts. Lug nuts are those nuts that you have to unscrew with a tire iron when changing a tore. There is almost always five of them. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in s   


Look how pretty Holley looks when you are all done drawing her in. Now you can add some color so she really looks like an attractive agent with spunk. That does it for this lesson on how to draw Holley Shiftwell.

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March 10, 2011

Description: So I finally went ahead and watched the new trailer for Cars 2 and it looks like it's going to be filled with a lot of laughs. From what I can see there is only a handful of main characters in the flick and unfortunately the only ones that are going to be familiar to us is Mater and McQueen. The new stars of Cars 2 is going to be one of the characters I am uploading now. She is sassy, and a secret agent for the British intelligence. You are going to get a swift tutorial on "how to draw Holley Shiftwell", step by step. According to her bio she is a semi-highly trained spy that gets her first mission in Tokyo. She sort of reminds me of a female version of 007 but in car form. Like James Bond she is also equipped with gizmos and gadgets that makes her job a lot easier like; hidden cameras, weapons of destruction, and other cool stuff that really makes her a secret agent. I personally think she is a pretty car, and even though she is a spy in training, I still don't know what kind of vehicle she is. What I like about this sequel, Mater and Lightning McQueen are the main cars that steals the show. I think you will enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw Holley Shiftwell" because she is just another figure from the Cars family that will be memorable. I shall return with one more lesson folks so try and stay tuned.

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