How to Draw Grumpy Bear from Care Bears

Artist: Ultimate_SB_Master / April 10, 2009

Step 1.

Okkie dokkies, first thing to do here is to draw the shape of Grumpy Bear's head, along with guidelines. Then, draw his shoulder and arm on the left side of his body. After that, sketch out what I think is the bottom curving to meet the leg(though it   

Step 2.

If you have seen my other Care Bear tuts, you will know that now is the time to first draw the shape of the eyes, followed by eyebrows and the shape of the nose and mouth. Don't forget the cheek dimple, as well; me thinks that adds major cuteness poi   

Step 3.

OK this is where it gets good, folks! Now we will be adding in the rest of Grumpy Bear's detail. Begin by adding the iris, light glares, and eyelid to his eyes as shown, followed by the heart shape and freckles on his nose. Draw a little hole to indi   

Step 4.

And...thar he blows! You're done! I hope ya'll had a might pleasureable time drawin' this here Care Bear. Eh, that is, hope you enjoyed this tutorial. XD Let me know if it is up to your standards, mkbprincess. XD

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Artist: Ultimate_SB_Master
Date Added: April 10, 2009
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Description: What's up, Docs? Today I will be fulfilling my first ever tutorial request!!! After this I will have one more to do, as well. Both requests were made by mkbprincess14, a lover of Care Bears and Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends! XD I had a lot of fun doing this drawing of Grumpy Bear, even though the coloring didn't exactly come out my way. I would think that anyone could relate to him, because we all sometimes let ourselves get into a down mood. When we do, all we can do is do something, anything that brings us joy, because nothing gets done for anyone in a bad mood. Eh, enough with the philosophy, let's get started!