How to Draw a Care Bear, Tenderheart Bear

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Okay lets get started shall we? Start this first step by drawing a series of circles to make a frame for your Care Bear. The first shape is a circle for the top of the head then add the facial guidelines. You will then add an oval shape for the botto   


In this second step you will draw out the small oval shapes of the eyes using the facial guidelines. Once that is done make another circle for the snout or nose and then start sketching in the outline of the head and cheeks. You will then sketch out    


As you can see your Care Bear is almost done. What you will be doing now is drawing out the rest of the head shape and then add the ears. Make sure you add the detailing lines inside of the ears as well as the brow lines on his forehead. Next draw ou   


Well folks you have now made it to your final drawing step and here is where you will finish off your teddy bear character. All you have to do is give him some eyes and a bottom lip. Draw out the heart shape on his stomach, and then the bottom of the   


Well here you have it, your finished drawing. Once you are all done you can add some color and that is it. You have just learned how to draw a Care Bear Tenderheart Bear step by step.

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December 27, 2008

Description: I have finally made it to my last tutorial of the day and let me tell you it was pretty hard and draining. For my last lesson I will be showing you how to draw a Care Bear step by step. The bear I chose to draw is one of the most popular and his name is Tenderheart Bear. Tenderheart is one of the one of the main bears that was created back in the eighties. Do you know what company started these adorable lovable bears? It was American Greetings and they were originally made for their greeting cards. Each bear painted on the greeting cards was done by artist Elena Kucharik. Because these characters started becoming more and more popular, eventually they were turned into plush teddy bears. Each Care Bear is made in a different color as well as a different symbol on their belly. The ten first created bears that started the Care Bear phenomenon was as follows; Tenderheart is the brown colored bear displaying a red heart on his tummy, Funshine is the yellow bear with the symbol of a sun on his stomach, Birthday Bear is a light brownish tan color with a lit candle inserted in frosted cupcake, Wish Bear is turquoise and has a smiling star with a rainbow trailing behind it on her stomach, Cheer Bear is the pink one with a colorful rainbow going across her belly, next we have Friend Bear who is orange and has two flowers as a symbol, next is Good Luck Bear who is green with a clover symbol, than Bedtime Bear who is blue with a half shaped moon, next is Love-A-Lot Bear who is red displaying two hearts on the belly, and lastly there is Grumpy Bear, the darker colored blue bear with a rain cloud on his tummy. As soon as the Care Bears became even more popular, they started their own animated series during the mid eighties to early nineties. This tutorial will show you a very easy way to how to draw a Care Bear step by step. I hope you have enjoyed all seven lessons today; I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun, until then peace out people and fellow artist.

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