How to Draw a 420 Bear


Let's get started. Draw the shapes for the body guides and then draw in the facial guidelines.


Use the head guide to draw out the actual shape of head's structure. Don't forget the tuft of hair on top of the head too and the chubby cheeks.


Now you can use the facial guidelines to draw in the face. When you have a 420 character, they have expressions on their face that very much resembles being tired. The only difference is, they are either drooling or smiling. Draw the eyes, nose area    


Next, all you have to do is draw the shapes of the ears.


Now you can draw the first right arm and then draw the piece of glass he is holding in his hand which is the vessel he is using to smoke out of.


We can draw the shape of the body next. This includes the big round belly and the left leg and foot.


Draw in the rest of the body followed by the left arm and the puffy tail. You can then draw the complete formation of the left leg and then draw the foot padding too. Don't forget the belly shape.


You can now just draw the pot leaf on the belly.


Here you will draw the thick cloud of smoke that the Care Bear is laying or resting on. Don't forget to draw the shapes of the clouds of smoke with angled lines and corners.


Now all you have to do is color in the leaf and then draw a trail of smoke coming from the pipe.


Go ahead and clean up the drawing by erasing the mistakes and guides to prepare the art for color.

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Wow, I love this Care Bare artwork makes me think of the Smiling Critters from Poppy Playtime. Speaking of which when you have some time I was wondering if you could do CatNap from Poppy Playtime since CH 3 just came out a few days ago.


· 1 year ago

Loving this one!! I always love to see new tutorials from you Dawn! Thank you! Going to try this later today!!



February 1, 2023

Description: Hello everyone. This will be a very brief description because there is not a whole lot I can say about this drawing lesson. I was asked by a member if I could make some 420 tutorials and I said, "sure, why not?". So here is my rendition on how to draw a 420 Bear, step by step. I love how this lovable bear came out because as you know Care Bears are lovable anyway. If you mix being lovable with some 420, you have yourself a real, chilled out Care Bear that just wants to lay back and relax. I hope you like my version of this Care Bear up in smoke, I had a blast drawing him. Adios amigos!

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