Drawing Blue Care Bear and Pony


Begin with the basics which are the guidelines for the two figures in this lesson. The guides should be for the heads and bodies.


It's probably easier to draw the Care Bear first, so start with drawing the actual shape of the head and then draw in the ears and tuft of hair between the ears.


Here you will draw the pony's head and snout shape like so, when that is done go ahead and draw in some of the flowing locks from the mane.


Finish the Care Bear's face by drawing the eyes, nose, mouth and ear detailing. You can also finish the pony's face by drawing the eye, detailing inside the mouth and the nostril slits.


Follow the guidelines to draw the shape of the pony's chest, then draw the two front legs and some of the mid section of body.


Complete the Care Bear body by drawing the back end, leg, foot and fluffy tail.


You will also finish the pony's body by drawing the back legs, butt shape and that's it.


Lastly, finish everything off by drawing the long luxurious mane and tail as you see here. The tail and mane should be drawn in an exaggerated manner. Once that is complete, erase the mistakes and all the guides if they are still visible.


And here is the finished concept when you are done. The fun part? Coloring in these two sexy characters. Thanks for joining me today with this lesson on drawing Blue Care Bear and Pony.

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December 12, 2017

Description: A couple new lessons coming your way. These drawings were made for someone, so I decided to turn them into tutorials. As you can see from the image above you will be learning how to draw Blue Care Bear and an MLP style pony. The concept in itself was a little challenging, but in the end drawing two of America's well known character figures is something special for fans across the globe. The lesson might be a bit challenging, but if you keep at it you will succeed with drawing this Care Bear as he rides on an MLP style pony. Enjoy this submission people, adios.

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