How to Draw Good Luck Bear from Care Bears


As always, the first step will be to draw out the head, along with facial guidelines. Next, draw the shoulders and arms curving down to the wittle pawsies :D, Draw the shape of the tummy, which I can never seem to get to be a perfect circle (or even    


We will continue with our Good Luck Bear by first drawing the eyes, using our guidelines as, GUIDE! -___- Now draw his furry nose, along with a hole for his mouth connecting to it. Don't forget the eyebrows! Then, draw the ears along with th   


We are nearing the end of our road to Good Luck Bear! Begin this step by drawing the detail in his eyes, followed by the freckles and heart on his nose. Add the detail to his arms, paws, and legs, then his stubby tail. Draw the little hear near his c   


Ok, folks! I believe you know what that means: you are done! I hope I was right about him being a boy, by the way; don't hesitate to tell me if I'm wrong, as well as anything else you liked or disliked. Including my obsessive use of smileys. O.o Sorr   

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April 21, 2009

Description: Top o' the morning, laddies and lassies! Today I'll be showin' ya how to draw a wee little character by the name o' Good Luck Bear! Ok, dropping the lame accent... This is the second request that was-um, REQUESTED of me by mkbprincess14. If you remember, the first one was of Grumpy Bear. As you can guess, Good Luck Bear is all about wishing people the best and helping their dreams come true. Now then, I wish you good luck as you set forth upon my next tutorial!

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