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How to Draw Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist: KingTutorial / February 27, 2014
How to Draw Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy

Step 1.

I decided to break the guide lines into multiple steps for this guy. Even though he's a small character, there's a lot going on with his clothing. Let's start by drawing the head and neck, and a long oval shape for the body.

Step 2.

Next we'll outline the mouth and nose area, and draw a center line through the rest of the head. We can indicate the eyes and ears now. Next draw the shoulder pads just below the cheeks, and then the upper legs. One leg will be bent, so for that leg    

Step 3.

On Rocket's right leg (our left), the lower leg is receding into the background, so it's hidden behind the knee. The top of that foot extends downward. On the other leg, the foot is coming right at us, so we'll draw it from the bottom, pointing upwar   

Step 4.

Fill out the arms. Then add fingers to the upper hand. Finally, we can add a body center line and mark the nose position.

Step 5.

With the overall body shape laid out, we can start with the real line drawing. Begin by drawing the details of the face from the nose outward.

Step 6.

Raccoons have detailed patterns in the fur on their faces. We'll try to simplify those patterns here. One large bat-like shape will outline the darkest portion of the facial fur. Start between the eyebrows and work your way outward to the sides.

Step 7.

Now we'll add some fur texture to the shape of the head and ears. This may have ended up a bit shaggier than intended, but I think it works well enough for our purposes. Notice that many patches of fur are simply "M" shapes drawn with a little style.

Step 8.

Next outline the neck and add some smaller details to the face and ears.

Step 9.

For this step, start by outlining the shoulder pads and work your way inward toward the chest. With those shapes in place, we want to a column of rectangular shapes running down each side of his chest and stomach. We can add some small buckles to the   

Step 10.

These secondary rectangle shapes make up the pattern on Rocket's clothing below the straps.

Step 11.

Outline the sides of the body and add some extra panel lines along the sides and on the shoulder pads.

Step 12.

For the straight leg, start by drawing the armor panels. Then add the outline of the leg, wrapping up to the crotch. From there, draw the kneepads. The upper knee is foreshortened, so draw it rather large. The thigh is hidden behind the knee, but som   

Step 13.

Here we'll draw more panel lines for Rocket's outfit, and add some more armor bits around the knees.

Step 14.

Just add the horizontal ribbing on the kneepads here.

Step 15.

In this action pose, this hand and foot are closer to us than the rest of the body. We can make that clear by drawing them larger than normal. I find it helps to draw the hand and foot now, and add the arm and leg behind them in the next step. Use yo   

Step 16.

Now we can add the furry arm and leg, and draw in the second leg and foot. Add some small, black claws to the fingers and toes.

Step 17.

Draw in the remaining arm and hand. The raccoon paw isn't quite like a human hand, so this fist isn't entirely closed.

Step 18.

A simple guide drawing for the tail. The curve of the stripes show that the tail is pointing away from us.

Step 19.

Adding fur texture to the tail...

Step 20.

This step is optional, but you might want to go back in and add detail to the straps and panels of Rocket's outfit, and some extra lines to the fur pattern on his face. Be mindful of the direct the fur is pointing and curving.

Step 21.

And here is the final line art. The trailer for this movie looks interesting. After drawing this little guy, now I want to see him in action. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed following along with this tutorial. Thanks for viewing, and check back for mo   

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