How to Draw Drax the Destroyer, Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist: KingTutorial / March 19, 2014

Step 1.

To start the base drawing, draw an oval for the head, and a U shape beneath for the neck. Next add a round shape for the upper torso.

Step 2.

Draw an oval for each shoulder. Add a curve for the upper arm and lower arm, and draw a rounded shape for the hands. Beneath the chest we'll draw a cylinder for the stomach, and a triangular shape for the pelvis.

Step 3.

Flesh out the shapes of the arms. Drax is holding a knife in one hand. We may change the angle of this later.

Step 4.

Draw a large tube for each thigh, and a round shape for the knees.

Step 5.

Next draw the lower legs. The shapes should become narrower at the ankles. Add the feet, each at a different angle. Finally, add the knife sheath on his left leg.

Step 6.

We'll wrap up the under drawing with some center lines to show the position of each shape. The legs are angled differently, so the center line is not the same. Let's add a horizontal line for the eyes. His head is tilted back, so the line is draw hig   

Step 7.

Lighten your under drawing and we'll begin the final line art. Begin by outlining the head. The top of the head and cheeks can be a continuous line. The chin and inner cheeks can also be a continuous line. These curves will overlap the lines of the j   

Step 8.

Draw the main shapes of the face now. The mouth is wide open and takes up a large portion of the face from this low angle. From the jaw, we'll draw flowing curves for the neck muscles and trapezius. Use smaller dashes and curves to detail the inner n   

Step 9.

Add the teeth and tongue to the mouth. From our viewing angle, we'll see each row of teeth as a U shape. Next we'll outline the chest and shoulder muscles. Start at the center of the chest. Then work your way outward with bold curves. You can add lin   

Step 10.

Rather than outline each abdominal muscle, we'll use disconnected lines and dashes to merely indicate those shapes. This gives us a more natural, realistic look. When doing this, think of where the light would cast a shadow, and then add small marks    

Step 11.

We can draw a simple outline for the arms. Reference your own hands when drawing Drax's. The inner lines of the hands are thinner than the outlines. Look over the drawing to be sure your outlines are of an even thickness.

Step 12.

We'll use heavy shadow areas and dash marks to indicate the surface of the arm muscles. Again, focus on indicating just the spots where the light would cast shadows. You don't have to outline every tendon and vein. Let's also add the knife now. The a   

Step 13.

This is where the design becomes rather complicated. Start by drawing the belt buckle and work your way outward to the hips. From there, we have multiple clasps and straps crossing over the legs. The most important thing is to maintain the rounded sh   

Step 14.

Draw heavy wrinkled shapes for the kneepads. This is loose-fitting fabric or rubber. From there, draw overlapping upward curves to indicate the fabric of the pants. For the crotch area, use back and forth curves at diagonal angles to show a bit of a    

Step 15.

At this point you can detail the pants, belt and straps to your heart's content. This step is not quite as complex as it looks. Use those heavy dashes again for the shadow areas. Then use broken lines for the seems in the pants. Continue to use those   

Step 16.

It's hard to get a good look at Drax's boots in the movie trailer, but we'll try to get the basic look as close as we can. The boots are not the most important detail of this design, so you can simplify these if you wish. Begin by drawing block shape   

Step 17.

Finish the outline of the calves. Then add the detail of the feet. I drew a series of curves wrapping around the feet for straps. Then I used a combination of heavy shadow and broken lines to detail everything.

Step 18.

To finish up the boots, fill in the remaining spaces with straps and connecting lines. After that, it's a matter of adding detail using shadows and dashes. Again, being unsure of the boot design, I've added wrinkles and shadows just to create a detai   

Step 19.

Add the sheath and knife handle on the side of the calf. The shadows are heavy toward the leg, and dashed lines curve outward to give a sense of roundness to the sheath's edge.

Step 20.

This is the most complex part of the Drax movie design. The designers took the bold and simple shapes of Drax's red tattoos from the comic book and turned then into an intricate series of what looks like tribal scars. Definitely grab some photo refer   

Step 21.

And here you have it. You should end up (hopefully) with something like this. A very complex design. Now that he's done, I'm very tempted to try a simpler, more streamlined drawing of movie Drax. Let me know if you guys are interested. And with that,   

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Description: Back with another Guardians tutorial. This time it's Drax the Destroyer in his movie form. This design is based on the modern comic book reimagining of the classic character, but is much more complex than the comic version. We're going to try to tackle that detail in this tutorial.