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How to Draw Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy

Artist: KingTutorial / February 28, 2014
How to Draw Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy

Step 1.

We're going to start the underdrawing by laying in the head and hair. I've added a diagram of how to draw the outer line of the hair, starting from the top of the head. Think of it as a partial peanut. Of course, this is only the guide line. Things w   

Step 2.

Next we'll block in the large forms of the torso. We're drawing the body from a slight angle, so I've added a simply diagram of the straight-forward breakdown on the right. Try to give these shapes a rounded feel.

Step 3.

Next we'll tackle the arms. The upper arm will be drawn as a simple cylinder. The lower arms will have a little curve to them. This is a simplified way of adding shape to the arms.

Step 4.

I sometimes like the draw the entire length of one side of a leg in order to get some nice curves going. Even though these legs are at slightly different angles, we can use S-curves here to give them a nice overall shape.

Step 5.

For the back and outer edge of the legs, a B-curve works nicely to balance out the shape. This is shorthand for a simple leg design. We can wrap up the underdrawing by adding the feet and some guides for the weapon.

Step 6.

Here we'll begin the line art, and the complex process of drawing the hair. I'm not a master at drawing hair, but I'll share what I can. Start at the hairline at the top of the forehead. Gamora's hair parts down the middle, so we'll draw two small cu   

Step 7.

Draw additional curves to fill in the hair texture between your main lines. At the top of the head, use alternating curves (left, then right) to build the parting line.

Step 8.

On the left, use long, wavy curves to finish the hair's outline. Start at the bottom and curve upward to make the end of your lines nice and delicate. On the opposite side of the face, draw smaller back-and-forth curves to build the strands of hair.    

Step 9.

Use the same techniques to complete the overall outline of the hair. Let's complete the head by adding the chin.

Step 10.

Vary the weight of your lines to achieve depth within the hair patterns.

Step 11.

The original face I drew was a bit manly, so I went with something a little more stylized here. This face is broken up roughly into thirds: 1/3 for the forehead, 1/3 for the eyebrows-to-nose, and 1/3 for the mouth and chin.

Step 12.

Now we can finally attack the body. Begin by drawing the straps of Gamora's belt. Then use long curves to outline the upper body.

Step 13.

Next we'll add some of the other details that overlap the rest of the clothing: Kneepads, straps, leather panels. Let's also draw the metal collar hiding beneath her hair, and the front cut of her vest. There's also an open cut on the side of the bod   

Step 14.

Now let's add detail to the belt and add more panels to the boots. The wrinkle lines on the boots really help to give them shape.

Step 15.

Working from bottom to top, let's draw in the feet, some buckles and straps on the side of the calf, and ribbing on the kneepads. The boots are now complete. Outline the thighs and add another strap and some panel lines. Then we can detail the vest a   

Step 16.

Draw some crossing straps to keep Gamora's vest together ;) Then we can add a cleavage line and start outlining the muscles of the arms. Gamora's left arm (our right) has the shoulder and forearms muscles on top. The opposite arm has the biceps facin   

Step 17.

Draw the wrappings around Gamora's wrists and hands. We can add more definition to her forearm muscles, and some more straps on the vest.

Step 18.

Let's wrap it up by drawing the hands and her sword. I used my own hands for reference here, and I suggest you do the same while drawing hands. For the hand holding the sword, I held a Wii Remote to simulate the sword handle.

Step 19.

Erase your guide lines, and you'll have your completed line art for Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I like how this drawing turned out, and I hope you enjoyed following along. More Guardians tutorials are on the way, so check back soon. Thanks   

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: February 28, 2014
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Description: Back with another Guardians of the Galaxy tutorial. This time we're going to draw Gamora, the only female of the group. Hope you guys enjoy.