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How to Draw Ymir the Dancing Titan

Artist: KingTutorial / March 19, 2014
How to Draw Ymir the Dancing Titan

Step 1.

Let's start the under drawing by outlining the basic shape of the head. This is a 3/4 angle, so the center line is toward the left side. Our main shapes are the cranium (top portion of the head) and the lower jaw and face, which come together in a so   

Step 2.

Draw a curve for the arm and add round shapes for the shoulder and hand.

Step 3.

Use curves to complete the shapes of the arm. Then draw a round shape for the upper torso.

Step 4.

Add a curved cross shape to the chest for the center line and pectoral line. Then draw in the shapes of the second arm. Note how these shapes overlap. It's important to get the basic shape of the muscles laid in at this point so we only have to focus   

Step 5.

Draw a sausage shape for the front thigh. A triangular shape outlines the pelvis, and another sausage for the rear thigh. The body is twisting at the waist, so the chest and pelvis are facing in different directions.

Step 6.

We'll use simple shapes to complete the lower legs and feet. Simple curves indicate the toe claws. For the fingers, a series of three curves works for each finger. Two for the thumb. The harsher these curves, the more gnarled the hands will look.

Step 7.

Lighten your underdrawing and we'll begin the line art by drawing the details of the eyes and nose. I'm using a gritty style to draw this Titan, so there will be a lot more broken lines and tiny dash marks used to build the shapes... as opposed to so   

Step 8.

Outline the shapes and wrinkles of the lower face and jaw, and add the ear. If you're unfamiliar with these types of shapes and wrinkles, I strongly suggest grabbing a mirror and making a scary face to look at while you're drawing. Real life is often   

Step 9.

Add the detail of the ear. Then outline the lips, followed by the teeth. Wrap it up by detailing the gums. Once again, a mirror can be helpful in becoming familiar with these shapes and details. After using a mirror once or twice, you should be able    

Step 10.

Note how I've drawn the overlapping teeth receding into the mouth. Each tooth is a bit smaller and the gum area shows a bit less detail. The tongue fades into the shadows, drawn with dash marks. From there, tiny curves and marks create the fine detai   

Step 11.

I decided we'll use a graphic look for the hair, rather than detailing lots of strands and highlights. So basically, the entire shape of the hair will be a silhouette. Our main objective here is to use large, flowing curves to build the separate stra   

Step 12.

The Dancing Titan is covered in lean muscle. What I mean by lean is that rather than drawing lots of round shapes, the muscles will be longer and more rectangular than on, say, a body builder. User overlapping curves to outline the collar bone, upper   

Step 13.

Sometimes drawing something properly means you'll draw a full shape (such as the shoulder and arm here), and then have to draw on top of it later. That's what happened here with the hair. Some of the shoulder and chest detail got covered up with thes   

Step 14.

This step shows my approach to drawing the chest and stomach muscles on this character. I've drawn a single vertical column of muscles from the pectoral/chest down the abdominal/stomach area. In this crouched position, each muscle overlaps the next.    

Step 15.

We now move on to the muscles that cover the ribs. The dashed lines indicate the tight skin stretching across the surface. These muscles are wrapping around the ribcage, and are curving upward toward the armpit. A solid outline can be build along the   

Step 16.

We'll use the same techniques to build the rest of the chest and stomach. From this angle, we also see some of the side and back muscles. Note the wrinkles at the lower abdomen and the hip area. One major item to point out is the curve that stretches   

Step 17.

Here we'll detail the hands and remaining arm. This is a complex step, but it's a simple matter of using life reference. I'm always saying you should look at your own hands when drawing, and this is a perfect example. You can twist your own hand into   

Step 18.

Things are getting a bit simpler here as we outline the front leg. We're keeping it pretty close to the underdrawing here. Focus on the main outline first. Then add layers of detail, going finer and finer with each pass over the drawing. Keep in mind   

Step 19.

The rear leg is pointing away from us. The direction of all the tiny curves on this leg can indicate that direction. Again, we're mostly just adding detail to the underdrawing, but it's important to note that center curve -- the bottom of the thigh.    

Step 20.

Feet, much like hands, can be drawn better by using reference. I find naked feet to be easier to draw than hands, though. If need be, look at your foot or someone else's for reference. Even looking at a sneaker can give you the basic shape of a foot.   

Step 21.

Here we'll add a final portion of hair running down the Titan's back. From there we can pass over the body and add detail here and there. Dust and scratches. Skin spots and veins. One detail I added was a bit of skin and fat bunched up around the ben   

Step 22.

Here's the final line art. Definitely a complex drawing this time, but we have some interesting things going on with the hands and rib muscles. It's interesting to draw a characters with such wacky proportions. Normally something like this would be v   

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: March 19, 2014
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Tags: how to draw attack on titan, how to draw attack on titan characters
Description: Finally back with another Attack on Titan tutorial. This is a really fun series, and I've been reading the manga after the anime ended. This is one important character from the manga. I won't go into spoilers, so let's just enjoy the creepy design for now ;)