How to Draw a Biker Babe

Artist: Dawn / May 23, 2014

Step 1.

Okay folks grab your pencils and be prepared. Start with a small head shape, then draw the rest of the body guides for the babe you are about to draw. Add a long leg line and foot shape as well.

Step 2.

Here you will sketch out the structure of the girl's face like so. Also when you do this make sure to add the hairline for her hairstyle.

Step 3.

The first few steps will be easier then the upcoming ones. All you will basically be doing is drawing a face, body and clothes. The hard steps are with the bike. Having said that, sketch in the simple lined eyes and eyebrows like so, then sketch in t   

Step 4.

Simply sketch in her full set of lips or mouth. They should be sultry and sexy.

Step 5.

This is my favorite part because I love drawing hair. Start at the base or the front of her head and sketch out the hair as it flows back. She has a very sexy hairstyle. I chose to go with a long straight style, but you can choose a wavy hairdo, curl   

Step 6.

The face and hair is now done. You can sketch in the shoulder, relaxed laying arm, then a hint of her chest or breast. Be sure to add the dimpling at the elbow.

Step 7.

Up next, we will now draw the sexy pose that this biker babe is in. Draw the back end of her body which as you can see she has her butt arched up so it pops out, and her thigh comes forward a bit. Draw in the other arm, then sketch in some definition   

Step 8.

Now you will draw in this babe's leg from an angled view. You need to sketch out her thigh first, then draw in her calf, and arched foot as it is raised from being in a heel as you will draw in next.

Step 9.

Like I said, you will now tackle the task of drawing her stiletto heel. These are also known as platforms.

Step 10.

Now we will be focusing on the motorcycle or Harley. Start by drawing the gas tank which is the smaller body at the front of the Harley. It's where the gas goes when you pull up for a fill up. Add design to the hull as well.

Step 11.

Here you will carefully draw out the front plate along with the handle bars. Some Harley have 'Monkey bar', but this one has regular height bars.

Step 12.

Here all you have to do is draw out the rods which are the parts that the front tire gets connected to. Unfortunately I don't know the actual name of this part, so please forgive me with that.

Step 13.

Begin this step by drawing the outlined shape for the front tire. You will be drawing this tire in better detail with the next step. For now just make a circle.

Step 14.

Define the tire formation as well as draw in the aluminum style rim. Add the hollows of the rim, then thicken the lining for the rim line as well.

Step 15.

Begin drawing the pipping that also comes along with sketching out a motorcycle. This pipe is curled upward a bit, and has a coupling on it.

Step 16.

Next up, draw in the other tire rod on the opposite side of the bike's frame work. When that is done begin drawing the body of the bike. These are just straight lined tubes that flow through the bike's design.

Step 17.

Now it starts to get a little more easier. Draw in the bike's seat just under the babe's buttocks. When that is done you can draw the rear fender, then draw in the exhaust system. Add definition on the exhaust pipe as well.

Step 18.

The back wheel is designed to stand out against the whole drawing. That is why you will draw an over-sized back wheel and rim. Double up on the circle part of the way inside the initial circle shape.

Step 19.

Now you can draw in the tire in better detail and formation. Once that is complete you can sketch in the very detailed rim inside the tire. This is a luxury bike which is why there is so much detail.

Step 20.

Add flames to the back fender like so, then proceed to step twenty one.

Step 21.

Add the threads to the bike tire like so, and you will notice that they are on a horizontal split flow.

Step 22.

And finally, draw in the other leg, then sketch in the rest of the mechanics of the motorcycle. Once that is done you can add detailing to the seat, then start erasing your mistakes.

Step 23.

That's it, you are done. Now you can have a blast coloring in your biker babe. I hope you enjoyed this tut folks.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: So I'm going to start the drawing day with a lesson that has a little excitement. The inspiration for this tut came from all the noise I hear from my window when I am trying to draw. It's the noise of motorcycles and I'm not talking about rice burners (street bikes), I'm talking about those loud Harley's that vibrate the glass when they stroll by. Anyways, here is "how to draw a biker babe", step by step. I walked out one day and saw a girl sitting on the back of a bike, hence the lesson title 'biker babe'. Anyways I know that this lesson may be complex for some of you guys to tackle because the angle she is at as well as the bikes angle will make it almost impossible to get right. I struggled drawing this chic on the back of a Harley so if you are a novice artist and would still like to try this lesson, just be prepared for complexity. Other then that you should have fun. Enjoy drawing a biker babe folks and be sure to stick around because I have more tuts coming your way.