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How to draw a cute baby dragon

Artist: LuffToDraw / June 29, 2014
How to draw a cute baby dragon

Step 1.

First draw a couple of circles as shown.

Step 2.

Now add the basic design of the face.

Step 3.

A couple of frills and maybe a horn or two won't hurt. Draw those and the neck.

Step 4.

Now simply draw the back of the head and the eye frills.

Step 5.

Our dragon needs feet so draw two little feet for him.

Step 6.

Next your gonna draw the back and front feet.

Step 7.

Getting to the part where it looks like a dragon, add some claws and the wing base.

Step 8.

Of course we need our little guy to have wings! Draw the base of the wings.

Step 9.

Now draw the wing membrane and a tail.

Step 10.

Add the twinkles in his eyes and a belly...

Step 11.

...And you're done!

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Artist: LuffToDraw
Date Added: June 29, 2014
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Description: Learn how to draw an adorable baby dragon!