How to Draw Devil Horns, Devil Horns

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Let's begin by making a round shape for the palm of the skeletal hand, and then draw four vertical lines. Notice how the two at the ends are longer then the rest.


You will begin drawing the thumb one bone piece at a time. There is a total of four bone pieces so take your time to ensure that the thumb comes out atomically correct.


Next, draw the skeletal finger which is the pointer finger, and again, there is a total of four bones which means you will have to draw the finger bone by bone. The base bone is the longest, and then they shorten the further to the tip.


Here you will draw the bones to form the bottom of the palm, and then draw the pinky finger the same way you did the pointer finger. Also, the tip of the ring finger is going to be added as well which is peeking through under the thumb.


Next, you will be finishing the hand or skeletal hand in this fifth step by drawing the two mid fingers. They are bent downward, and tucked under the thumb.


Draw the wrist bone like so, and then sketch in the wicked leather bracelet with pointed thick spikes. Erase the mistakes you made along the way to prepare your drawing for color.


Here is your devil horn hand when you are all done. You can color it in to your liking and even draw it again on your school book cover, wall, or just for fun.

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February 22, 2012

Description: Hey folks I'm back with more drawing fun and this time I will be giving you guys something rocking in tutorial form. We are going to be making a hand gesture that is only known as one thing. Today you will learn "how to draw devil horns", step by step. The devil horns gesture is something that is used in rock concerts, expressive enjoyment, and to show who's boss or out of rebellion. I had so much fun thinking about a design to make my version of devil horns, so I went ahead and drew a skeletal hand making the devil horn gesture. This was such a fun concept to tackle and I really enjoyed making all the detailing, bones, spiked wristband bracelet, and the fiery background. So I hope you have fun drawing devil horns because I know I did. I will return with some more awesome fun so stay tuned in to see what it will be. Adios people and enjoy!

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