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How to Draw World Hands, Earth Hands

Artist: Rawrz / February 13, 2012
How to Draw World Hands, Earth Hands

Step 1.

For this first image you're probably thinking, "What?" well, I'm giving you such a simple guideline that you'll need to have an idea about where it will go. If I told you to draw a circle on your page, then you start this and see that, well you've ru   

Step 2.

Now you see the circular guideline you'll need to draw on your paper. If you can, use a square piece of paper or cut it square because it will help with proportions. And you want to get your circle as close to perfect as you can, so you might want to   

Step 3.

Next what you're going to need to do is sketch out the first two "top hands" as I will call them. If you're looking at the picture they are the two chocolate-brown colored hands. I know what you're thinking, "How am I ever going to get these hands ju   

Step 4.

Here you will finsh off the rest of the "top hands" and if you would notice, say you were to fold your paper in half or draw a line through the middle. Well, the ones on the right hand side are the same hands, just turned differently and the ones on    

Step 5.

Draw the first two "back hands" like you see here, don't worry it might take some practice to get it just right.

Step 6.

Here you will finish off your drawing with the last two hands there is to draw. Take your time on editing the hands as you want because it will definatly help in the long-run. Don't just draw it once then say you're done, after all Rome wasn't built    

Step 7.

This is what you're finished image should look like. If you're going for more of a realistic effect, don't be afraid to add shading, and creaselines if you want. Also, feel free to draw whatever you want in the middle, or just leave it blank. You cou   

Comments (1)
kam3603 · 6 years ago
I love this! My mom is a Special Needs teacher, and she really enjoys these kinds of things. I drew this for her and she loves it too! Great job on adding more than one race. It truly is amazing work because not a lot of artists draw colored and/or black people. :D
Artist: Rawrz
Date Added: February 13, 2012
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Tags: draw hands
Description: So, this is definatly something that I loved making! I'm not kidding the whole time that I was drawing this I was thinking over and over how awesome it'd be to share this with everyone. The picture is siz hands formed together in a circle and as you can see from the tutorial's photo, it shows three different races or ethnicities. Now, don't think I'm being racist by doing this because that it absolutely not what I'm doing. And don't put any comments like, "Hey! You didn't put so and so's skin-color up there, racist!" because that's not what I'm doing and I don't want you thinking that.