How to Draw Brass Knuckles, Brass Knuckles

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You will be drawing a weapon that is worn on the hands. Start by making four circles which should all be uniform in shape and size.


You will now draw another ring shape which is supposed to fit in the center of the hand's palm. Once this is drawn, draw the inner lines inside of the knuckle holes to make it a dimensional effect.


Next, finish drawing the brass knuckles by sketching out the entire outer design. The tops of each knuckle hole should be formed into skull shapes like so.


To finish off the deign concept, draw in the skull faces which only consists of the eyes and nose. Draw the rest of the detailing to the brass knuckles like so, and clean up your mistakes.


When you are all done, you can color in your knuckles a brass color, or steel color. You can even make this combat weapon a charm and draw a chain for it.

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February 22, 2012

Description: It is not a common thing to create a lesson on an odd weapon that is not normally thought to be a weapon. Today I am going to be giving you a lesson based on a common object that most of us have heard of and seen before. I will show you "how to draw brass knuckles", step by step. Surprisingly, brass knuckles have been around longer than I thought. They are whole pieces of steel that are welded or shaped into four holes which the fingers go through. Once the hand or fingers are placed into the steel construction, the individual rings rests upon the knuckles of the hand. Brass knuckles where originally made for hand to hand combat to inflict more pain, and to tear or puncture the skin easily. The punch force behind a hand using brass knuckles is a lot more concentrated which is why more pain and damage is inflicted to the victims face. These steel weapons are said to have been in existence since the ancient times. Back then they where made of wood, lead, cast iron, and yes even brass. The wooden version of brass knuckles where commonly used in the Civil War. It is also said that if a solider couldn't afford to buy a pair of brass knuckles, they would make their own either by carving them themselves, or by melting the lead from bullets and pouring the hot metal into dirt molds made in the ground. The only place that doesn't have a law against brass knuckles is the United States. I mean, I'm sure that there are other places in the world that have no regulations against these weapons, but as to which country, I don't know. I do know that in Canada, there is a charge induced if you are caught with a pair of 'brass monkey's', that is what they call them in Canada. Well, I think I have said all I can say about this interesting yet potentially dangerous combat weapon. It is time I shut up so you can get busy drawing brass knuckles of your own. As you can see I have created my own design by topping them with skulls. Some brass knuckles have spikes at the tops, but I though steel chunks formed into skulls would also inflict more pain. Have fun and enjoy!

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