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How to Draw a Wolf Skeleton, Wolf Skeleton

Artist: Dawn / June 26, 2017
How to Draw a Wolf Skeleton, Wolf Skeleton

Step 1.

This is what the wolf will look like with flesh on the bones. Notice how the bones build the structure of the placements for each limb. It's best to come to terms with the anatomy of a creature before you begin sketching various poses for them.

Step 2.

Ok, to begin shaping up the basic pose for our skeleton of the wolf, you'll want to lightly sketch guidelines. Make sure you try to draw these accurately (though it isn't entirely necessary, depending on your skills).

Step 3.

Then, taking our time by working at the base of the upper skull and working our way to the front of the jaw, sketch lightly. You don't want to draw the teeth without having the upper and back skull drawn first.

Step 4.

Go ahead and sketch the lower jaw, then the rest of the facial placements for the upper part of the skull. Consider drawing the detailing lines with thinner line weights than the outer lines.

Step 5.

Proceeding our progress onto the cervical vertebrae, each spike must be similar to one another, getting smaller as it reaches the scapula (shoulder). Remember to use light - thin lines for the inner detailing.

Step 6.

We'll go ahead and draw the first foreleg bones, which is labels from top to bottom: humerus, radius, and metacarpals which are the bones that build the paws.

Step 7.

Sketch the foreshadowed foreleg, remembering the labels we gave the previous step (of the foreleg).

Step 8.

First, draw the beginning of the thoracic vertebrae which holds together the ribcage (just like humans and other mammals). It's best to make sure the ribs are equally spaced apart and bulged in the middle right where it turns into the frontal bone wh   

Step 9.

Let's sketch the lumbar vertebrae, proceeding onwards to sketching the sacrum and pelvic bones. These bones will support the back legs and hip placement. Notice how the flow of the spine elevates downwards as it gets to the hips.

Step 10.

We'll go ahead and sketch the back leg bones which are labeled from top to bottom: femur (upper leg), fibula (lower leg), and metatarsals which are the bones which build the back paws.

Step 11.

Keeping the perspective in accurate proportions, sketch the foreshadowed leg.

Step 12.

With further cleanup of your lines and removal of the guidelines (if drawn), you should have something similar to this. I hope this lesson has shinned a few tips to drawing a wolf body normally. I appreciate all feedback. Thanks for viewing, guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 26, 2017
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Tags: draw wolves, how to draw skeletons
Description: So I've thought of a tutorial idea that sparked yesterday while I replied to a few comments. A few visitors wanted a tutorial on 'how to draw a wolf skeleton', step by step, therefore, I went ahead and created a lesson based on that. I figured I'd use a different painting style on this drawing which seemed pretty fun at the time to render fully. It took around an hour and a half to render completely and the tutorial aspect took a little while to break down as well. Make sure you ready yourself with various references of wolf bones in diverse types of poses to familiarize yourself in the anatomy. It's best to understand the structure of a creature before you tackle it. Anyways, I hope this tutorial will be mega amounts of fun! Thanks so much for viewing and don't forget to let me know how you did!