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Now, here's something cool I wanted to express in this tutorial, mainly because dragons vary in a crapload of sizes. The common dragon height (in my opinion) is 30ft tall (including wing height as well). They are typically larger than a Tyrannosaurus   


Here's another step I'd like to stress a bit more since lots of artists tend to go way too extravagant with their interpretations of dragons. Enlarge the image and read the individual tips and key points about this skeletal structure. Knowing the bou   


Well, you will start by drawing some basic guides and shapes to form a frame for your dragon skeleton. Start with a small head shape, and then draw the neck guide. Attach the neck to an oval torso, and make another circle for the back end. Draw the w   


Here you will begin drawing out the skull for the dragons head. There is only two horns, so make sure you add those as well. Sketch in the serrated edging for the top and bottom jaw, and make sure that the mandibles or lower jaw is pointed and jagged   


The next thing to do is draw in all the hollow holes on the skull. This is going to be for the eye, nose, and temple. Draw in the skeletal teeth, and then move to step six.


Take your time with this step because you will be drawing the neck bones or neck vertebra. Next, draw the shoulder and chest bone and then move to the next step.


You will now draw in the first of the front leg bones starting with the coracoid. Next, draw in the ribs, and some of the back spine bones. Take your time so the bones come out nice.


Next, continue to draw in the front leg by drawing the joint gap and then the ulna which is the forearm looking bone. Draw the bones for the talons which is a combination of the carpus and metacarpus bones.


Start this step by drawing the pelvis or ilium bone, and then continue to draw the thigh or femur bone, followed by the tibia and ankle bones as well as the foot and toe bones.


You will now draw the wing bones or the wing humerus which is the lower portion of the wing bone, and then draw the wing radius bone which is the upper part of the wing.


You will now draw out the wing phalanges which is the finger bones for the wing. Make sure to draw the thumb bone and then draw the tips or nails at the ends of each wing bone.


Lastly, draw the tail bones and vertebra like so, and make sure to take your time because these bones are very fine, and get smaller as you go down the tail to the tip. Clean up the drawing and you are all done.


Here is the final step now that you are all done. I hope you learned something new and I also hope you liked this tutorial on drawing a dragon skeleton.

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January 26, 2012

Description: Since everyone enjoyed the skeleton tutorial I made on the dinosaur, I thought that it would be fun to make a lesson on a dragon of the same concept. So here is what I like to call, "how to draw a dragon skeleton", step by step. The drawing took me a little while to complete, and to show a comparison on how big a dragon was to a human, I also added a silhouette which makes the idea of a dragon even more realistic. Even though the drawing may look a bit complicated and a tedious task, in all reality it should be approachable for any artist to tackle, all you have to do is take your time, and follow the steps. I really love the body form, the wing, the neck vertebra, skull, snout, basically everything about this dragon skeleton, I love. I don’t know what else I can say other than have fun drawing a dragon skeleton. I do have more stuff to submit so it would probably be a good idea to stick around to see what else I have for you, or you can come back later after you finish this tutorial to see what I uploaded new. Thanks guys, and I hope you enjoy this lesson.

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