How to Draw Dark Twilight Sparkle


Like most of my tutorials, it's best to start off by drawing guidelines so sketching the facials will be much easier and they will come out proportional.


Then, draw the face shape, making sure that it is a nice curved circle shape which stands close to the guides we drew earlier.


Next, let's draw the swooped hair piece which frames her forehead shape.


Then, draw the frame of the upper lashes/lids for her eyes and the line which will separate them at the corners.


Start sketching in the pupils and the iris for Twilight Sparkle. She will be confused and depressed in this version of her. Don't forget to draw her mouth and nose. Try not to draw them too close together.


To finish the top of her head, draw a swoop caving inwards to the one we drew earlier, and then the horn in the middle of her hair.


Using thin line weights, define the creases of her hair by adding a few lines in the midsection of the hair and horn.


Lastly, draw her hair and the rest of her neck and you should be all set with her!


Now, before you ink and color, be sure to revise your drawing to make sure everything looks in place and is proportional. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, I had so much fun making it. Don't be shy to link your version of her and to comment/favo   

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December 28, 2016

Description: Hey everyone, as another addition to the dark/gothic styled character series, I'll be showing you how to draw a dark version of Twilight Sparkle from MLP!

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