How to Draw Chibi Pyramid Head

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First, draw the basic guides for the foundation. Laying down a foundation for the build of the character is essential to creating an accurate drawing. The large object on this monster's head is shaped a Pyramid, hence the name, Pyramid Head. Quickly    


Next, work on the pattern that details each side of his pyramid shaped head. This is seemingly a net patterned area, so take time and care to detail it. Finish off by drawing the shoulders and arm.


Then, draw the rest of the details that lay inside of the Pyramid. Sketch clothing out for the lower half of his body. This is important because you'll have an advantage to draw the rest of the body accurately, not to mention his sword.


Lastly, add finale details that will give form and a more definite example of Pyramid Head. The sword in this case, is small, therefore very cute! The main focal point of the image, is the oversized head, like a chibi!


Finally! Now that you've finished your drawing, erase all the guidelines you may have drawn in blue. Ink out your drawing with Micron Pens, the best inking pens ever! They're a bit pricey, but worth it. I hope you enjoyed this tut, thanks so much for   

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October 23, 2010

Description: Hey guys! I'm going to be submitting a super awesome lesson on a really cool character from Silent Hill. Of course, this isn't the real deal one, but I figure if the chibi version gains popularity, then I could make the real guy. Anyways, the member on DragoArt, Pearl, requested that I do a tutorial on “how to draw Pyramid Head, step by step”. She suggested a chibitized version would be suitable too. Personally, I think starting off by drawing a chibi version is much easier than challenging yourself to something critically hard. By starting off learning “how to draw chibi Pyramid Head”, you'll be able to tackle a more detailed form of him. This tutorial was drawn completely during one of my livestream broadcasts. You can head over to the DragoArt LiveStream page for a pre-recorded video that shows how I rendered the entire concept. I had a lot of fun during that LS day, there were a shunning amount of watchers experiencing the process. Anyways, Silent Hill has been my most favorite video game since I was an early teen. The scariness and awesome characters were pretty epic until “Silent Hill Homecoming” came out. The awesome suspense immediately dried up due to the unoriginal monsters and horrible story line. There is also a new movie coming out, based on the second video game. Come on folks, tell me that the first movie was pretty creepy! Back then, me and my brother and sister made a fan video of the movie, thinking it was awesome. I was twelve then, and I always look back on the memories I had of that day. You can head over here for the video. Well fellow artists, I have to go now. Thanks so much viewing this lesson on “how to draw chibi Pyramid Head, step by step”.

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