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How to Draw a Skelanimal

Artist: Dawn / October 23, 2010
How to Draw a Skelanimal

Step 1.

Start with an oval circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw another shape in the form of an oval.

Step 2.

Now begin drawing out the actual shape of the head, and make sure you add the shapes of the ears too.

Step 3.

Finish drawing out the body like so, and then draw in the skeletal shaped or designed face. This should include the notches for the teeth.

Step 4.

Draw in the big oval eyes, and then begin drawing out the chest or ribcage of this cute little dead animal.

Step 5.

Add a cute little nose, and then draw in the broken heart. Color in the heart, and then draw out the skeleton like tail. Erase the lines and shapes to clean up the drawing, and then you are all done.

Step 6.

This is how your drawing looks when it is all done. Color it in all black and leave some white behind just like you see in the finished colored picture. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw a Skelanimal.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 23, 2010
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Description: I have a special treat for you guys. I was looking at some artwork from other members, and I came across a skeleton like animal that looked like a kitty cat, but it was in fact a Skelanimal. This is a hot new type of plushy that comes in all different types of animals. I have never heard of these creatures before, but I have to tell you, I am really excited to buy my first plushy and start a collection with them. According to the website, Skelanimals are little baby like critters that are dead. They died from their own negligence from being reckless. They sort of remind me of the characters from Happy Tree Friends because they are adorable, and full of boney love. They adore the warmth and love that humans have to offer, and if you are lucky enough to have one of these Skelanimals of your own, you are one of the lucky ones. From my counting, there is a total of twenty six different types of Skelanimals and their names are; ChungKee, Dax, Diego, Elle, Jack, Kit, Marcy, Pen, Quackee, Dee, Bill, Lammy, Carrie, Roy, Maxx, Lolita, Cecil, Foxy, Matt, Dolphie, Oliver, Timmy, Pudge, Thomas, Tristan, and Jae. There is all sorts of different animal species that range from pigs, cats, dogs, cows, and even dolphins, penguins, and snakes. I have to say that I am absolutely sold on these little figurines. I hope you have fun learning "how to draw a Skelanimal", step by step. Of course my version isn’t exactly the same as the originals, but that’s okay because it’s always good to have a little creativity once in a while. Gotta go gang, peace out and have an exciting drawing day!