How to Draw Chibi Snape

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You know the drill folks! Always start with the basic framework for your chibi professor Snape! You know, if you messed up his rather greasy hair, he'll pop a wand in yo' face! Start with a simple guideline for the face by drawing a large circle. To    


Next, move onto drawing the basic expression for Snape. This is also very important to creating a depressed presence. Snape is always greeting with a frown, so it's best to give him a pus face. Arched eyebrows suit the appearance well. Keep in guide    


Now, let's work on the body for our extremely cute Snape! Begin with the bangs that frame the face. If you find it best, add smaller pieces of hair relevant to the overall hairdo. Get those eyes finished and the tiny hands as well. Your a step away t   


Alrighty folks, last step to completing the overall image of your wicked cute Harry Potter character. Sketch out the rest of the hair, and finish off the cape. Expand your artistic skills and design your own cape position if you want! It's all up to    


Ah, see, there you have an epic bad arse Potter hater! Instead of directing your hate to Justin Bieber, direct it to Harry! Just kidding, but seriously, this is what your finished image should slightly resemble. If you're not satisfied with your comp   

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October 2, 2010

Description: Hey folks! I wanted to quickly submit this lesson on a very popular villainous character from Harry Potter. I am not sure if he is a villain, but from the past movies I've seen from the series, he has some kind of odd dark disliking to Harry. The only book I've read of the entire series is 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'. That book was pretty epic, I enjoyed every part of it. Anyways, this character has to be one of my favorites; he's dark, cold, depressing, and Severusly sneaky. In this step by step tutorial, you'll be learning “how to draw chibi Snape, step by step”. His character name portrays something 'seriously' sneaky or somewhat. I know his first name is Severus, but I think there is some kind of meaning behind it. This picture was drawn completely during one of my LiveStream broadcasts. I've enjoyed the company that was included with it (very amusing folks in the chatroom that night). I found the blues and purples suited the character portrayal very nicely. The coloring was probably my favorite part. It was interesting turning this character into a chibi, he's normally seen with a shiz-ton of wrinkles and depressing features. I've spruced up this chibi's appearance to give you folks a sense of a 'seriously cute Snape'. Professor Snape is indeed a teacher, although, I'm a bit strayed from what type of class he teaches. You can head over to Harry's house to find out this crucial information. (Just make sure Hermione isn't present! God knows what she'll brew for a storm.) Anyways folks, if you need a cool tutorial on “how to draw Snape, step by step”, this is the place to start. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun drawing your professor Snape...or Snake! *chortles a rather dorky laugh*.

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