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How to Draw Pinhead

Artist: Dawn / October 22, 2010
How to Draw Pinhead

Step 1.

Alright, before we latch onto drawing any major details, you'll want to build a solid foundation for the basis of Pinhead's face. I would recommend to use a light blue colored pencil for the guidelines, just so you can erase them once you're done wit   

Step 2.

Next, work on the beginning of the essential face work. Working a little at a time can really make a difference in your work path! Sketch the upper lids of the eyes, and the large pulled nose. Don't forget to add the frame of the mouth. Pinhead doesn   

Step 3.

Ah, as you can see, the drawing is starting to look more like Pinhead! Draw the lower lids and add the teeth. Start with the upper row first, this will you'll have a proper advantage to draw the lower teeth. Before we go into the major character trai   

Step 4.

So, this will probably be the HARDEST part of the tutorial! Pinhead has meshed lines that scatter his whole head in a pattern. You MUST draw the pattern of burnt meshed skin before you draw the pins (drawing the pins is a rabid time burner). When you   

Step 5.

Lastly, (one of the most extremely hardest parts *for me at least*) draw the pins! This gives Pinhead his badarse name! This was incredibly hard for me, but if you take your time, you'll get through. At every corner of the meshed line pattern, lays a   

Step 6.

Ah, the finished piece! Your drawing should resemble this. If you're not satisfied, restart the tutorial until you get better at it. This is just a standard fanart/tutorial of Pinhead, nothing really fancy. I really hope you enjoyed this tut. Go rent   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 22, 2010
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Tags: draw horror
Description: "We'll tear your soul apart!", said the hellish Pinhead from the extremely popular 80's movie, β€œHellraiser”. That's one of the epic quotes ever to be spoken by a monstrous character! This movie is definitely one of my top favorites; the characters featured in it gave me the creeps! In this awesome Halloween type tutorial, you'll be learning β€œhow to draw Pinhead, step by step”. As a kid, I could never watch parts with gory disgusting stuff. The other characters that hovered with Pinhead, are also pretty violent, and legendary...even in hell! Chatterer is totally epic, so is the girl/man looking demon that has its throat spread open. The most memorable part about Pinhead and his subordinates, is that they have these hellish and distorted deep voices that mend very well with the appearance. I mean, if you seen this gang of demons, wouldn't you say, crap your pants? I know I would, knowing that the first thing they'd do is probably tear your flesh into pieces with those cold – evil chains. Anyways, as the drawing aspect of this piece...it was hellish!. I kept messing up with the flippin' pins and meshed pieces of skin chunks! My dad looked at my semi-finished work of Pinhead and said, β€œlooks like he has baby teeth”. I looked at it myself and seen the mistake I made, so later on, I fixed it and it look pretty good. The pins and stuff don't look freakin' PERFECT, but I think I managed to do an exceptional job. The coloring job was meant to resemble the ones from the reference picture I used. Of course, I definitely need a reference picture for faces, I mean, who doesn't? I must have kept looking back and forth at my drawing and the ref pic a thousand times. The coloring part was just as worse. Well folks, I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial on β€œhow to draw Pinhead”, step by step! I had a lot of fun drawing...with some major frustration mixed in. Peace out, peeps!