How to Draw an Easy Chibi

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Alright, begin with the basic guidelines for the chibi. Always start with drawing the guide work for the head first before you move onto drawing the body guides. It's important to go through with this step first.


Next, let’s work on shaping up the eyes for the chibi. When you draw simplistic chibi eyes, you’ll mainly want to make them simple as possible. Circular shapes work best for something easy yet cute at the same time. While you have your foundation   


In this step, we’ll start adding the short bob hairstyle to this chibi figure. If you prefer having a male character, darken the brows and add a masculine hairstyle. Finish off by drawing pieces of the clothing, and eyes.


Alrighty, I hope you're ready for the finishing touch for your character! Let's start shaping the body (my most favorite part). Chibi bodies come in all sorts of styles and variations. You can add a short stubby, but at the same time thin body. It al   


Your line art should resemble to this result. If you're not satisfied on how your chibi turned out, retry the tutorial or practice. Now, if you basically transformed the typical girl into a male one, then call the surgeons! Just kidding, but seriousl   

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September 29, 2010

Description: Okay guys, I have more easy lessons coming your way and hopefully you will have fun with this first tutorial on how to draw an easy chibi, step by step. I have so many different types of chibi drawings on the site, and every time I submit a new lesson, it’s like I’m adding to the pot. There are so many different styles you can draw a chibi in, and if you notice I kind of played with the drawing style with this easy chibi character I drew yesterday. Instead of having nub like hands and feet, I chose to give her some fingers, and small feet like the characters in the animated series Fairly Odd Parents. The head and face where drawn the same way as I always draw a chibi figure, I thought at least that should stay the same since the very characteristics of chibi people are almost always the same. Nonetheless, I think you guys should have good fun with this tutorial on how to draw an easy chibi. I actually did a lesson a while ago on a simple chibi, and that came out pretty sweet as well. I guess that’s it for this description. I will be back soon with some other fun stuff for you guys to draw or learn from. Adios mi amigos, and be sure to enjoy your drawing day.

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